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My arms don't have you (standard:poetry, 155 words)
Author: DaniAdded: Jul 20 2002Views/Reads: 1787/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Despiration for, and rememberance of someone that isn't with them.

Slowly, the sun seeps through the skin of my tightly shut eyelids. 

Reminding me, 

once again, 

that I am alive. 

I do not open them. 

For even though my lungs have breath, 

my arms don't have you. 

Helpless, I lie in comfort, 

wondering if you are doing the same. 

The morning just isn't right, 

its meaning has changed. 

And even though my lungs have breath, 

my arms don't have you. 

My mind sifts, with as many memories of us 

as grains of sand on a beach. 

A tear slowly bleeds down my cheek. 

Your distinct smile drifts to the front of my mind, 

and the remenisence of your voice 

soothes my pacing heart once more. 

Deciding to face the world in another day, 

I keep the tangy scent of your skin in my mind. 

I exhale the air in my lungs 

knowing that someday soon 

the silky feeling of your body 

my arms will find. 


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