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cry all over again (standard:other, 159 words)
Author: kobe xienthAdded: Aug 04 2002Views/Reads: 2008/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
thoughts from an unhappy teenager at the end of a bad day.

9:13 pm 

i don't know why i want to cry.  but i do. i suppose ot would be a
natural occurance, but not in my case.  sure, i have cried before.  for 
some goo reasons too. but i want to cry for no apparant reason.  it 
kinda scares me. 

i want to be home, but outside.  alive, but experiencing death. visible
and noticed, yet hid behind scrumptious invisibility. i feel depressed. 
sad, tired.  tearful. guilty about how i feel.  cuz i should be 

i'm confused.  don't know who i am.  but know that i shouldn't be the
butt of everyone's jokes.  yesterday i went to a birthday party and was 
picked on.  i may act stupid, but i am not stupid. 

i feel lonely.  as if my intellect were being wasted.  my individuality
cloned.  my heart, unclaimed. 

and here, at this moment, my tears fall.  and i cry.  for no good

i shouldn't get the paper wet.


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