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Silence (standard:drama, 556 words)
Author: kobe xienthAdded: Aug 18 2002Views/Reads: 2017/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The tale of a silent dancer.

Dim lights created a gloomy appeal for the stage.  An honest audience
watched as the dancers took their first sweeping steps onto the floor.  
They stopped at their spots and the music began soft, but strong.  A 
muscular man stepped up to the front row and kneeled to the ground.  He 
looked up suddenly, as the music turned loud and angry.  He threw 
himself about the center of the wooden platform as the notes stretched 
throughout his entire being.  The others behind him jumped and twirled, 
hair flying, dresses soaring, hearts racing. 

I stood, poised in the darkness of my dressing room.  I slowly rehearsed
my few, but intense movements of my routine.  A single knock at my 
door, signaled my entrance.   As I awaited my turn for center stage, I 
inhaled deeply.  The music stopped and the crowd cheered and whooped 
for the others.  Will had done his job well.  Now I would show them the 
inside of all good.  Evil. 

I slowly strutted to center stage.   It was dark, but the audience felt
my presence.  They began to shift nervously in their seats.  A single 
spotlight clicked on.  My head snapped up towards the light, casting 
ghost-like shadows across my face. 

My hands slowly worked their way to my face.  As I gazed into the light,
a blank expression washed my face.  My hands stopped at my cheeks.  I 
opened my mouth and a high pitched scream exploded from my throat.  The 
crowd gasped in unison but leaned in to watch closely 

My left arm extended slowly and wrapped around me.  My right arm
followed suit, only a few seconds behind, and together both arms lifted 
over my head with a large ribbon. 

I whipped the deep crimson fabric towards the sea of people.  They
jumped at the sound.  I circled the ribbon around my body and magically 
pulled a long slender sword from the silky material.  The ribbon shined 
like rubies in the sharp metal.  I gracefully pointed the sword out on 
my side.  The ribbon hung beautifully over the thin edge.  I threw the 
sword into the air and dashed to catch it with perfect precision.   I 
took the ribbon from the sword and made it dance elegantly into 
shadows.  It disappeared and the audience began to chatter.  I yelled 
out loud, one short quick note.  They stopped and I leaned back on one 
leg and showed them my finger which I placed on my lips.  They peered 
up at me with wide eyes and I smiled mischievously.  The crowd relaxed 
with one simple sigh escaping its lips. 

The sword and I glided on, as if on ice.  The familiar steps had worked
themselves into my skin.  I lived every toe-touch, every wrist twirl, 
every sidelong glance to the unfinished faces of my judges. 

I suddenly fell, almost an unexpected, involuntary twitch in my body. 
Almost.  I hit the ground with little pain.  My head sank to my chest 
and the light faded.  A slow roar started in the belly of the audience. 
 Their hands clapped hard, the sound reverberating off the walls.  
Their voices called out to me, vocal chords tightening and stretching 
with the new exposed pressure. 

Every emotion I contained had been thrown out to the beast and it had
welcomed it with open arms.  My silence was broken. 


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