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In Time... (standard:fantasy, 938 words)
Author: kobe xienthAdded: Aug 18 2002Views/Reads: 2002/1245Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An old story about the Watcher and what powers he controls in the everyday bustle of life...

In time, there have been many changes.  Some have lived through them and
others have been born into them.  No one person has seen them all 
happen.  Except the man of time.  He has watched as Earth became a part 
of our solar system and the beginning of life began.  He saw the Great 
Wall flourish and come crumbling down all at the same time.  He saw 
rulers on top of rulers gain power, just to lose it all over again.  
This man watches.  He does not change anything.  He does not add people 
into the mix and he does not minus them for fear of ruining the 
completion of life itself.  This man is neither Jesus nor the Creator 
himself.  No.  This man is the Watcher. 

The Watcher looks down on time like someone would an ant farm.  He can't
rewind or fast-forward through any stupid mistakes that we humans so 
obviously make everyday.  He cannot talk to any one either.  Even 
alone, the Watcher continues to fulfill his destiny. 


It was a beautiful autumn day in Ohio.  Klara was driving home from her
late pottery class at the high school.  She watched the bright gold, 
red and orange trees sway in the light breeze that also played with her 
soft, light brown hair.  She pulled a strand from her mouth and laid 
her foot on the brake.  The sky was clear and the air crisp.  She did 
not notice the car that sped around the corner, flew down the street, 
heading straight for her gray Mercedes. 

He watched, as the careless alcoholic smashed into the young girl in the
pretty car of the 21st century.    In result of the impact, her car 
became a mess of auto parts.  ‘Oh well' he said.  ‘One less person to 
worry about.' 

The doctors and nurses rushed to revive Klara from the deafening sound
of the heart that did not beat.  Outside her mother, father and 
boyfriend waited impatiently. 

“Why won't they tell us if she's okay?”  Her father exclaimed loudly. 

“I don't know John.  Settle down would you!”  Her mother snapped back. 

“Settle down!  SETTLE DOWN!  How the HELL do you expect me to SETTLE
DOWN when my one and only daughter has been hit and I don't know if 
she'll live!   Do NOT tell ME to settle down Shelia!” 

Shelia placed her head on her hands and began to sob quietly.  John
paced back and forth, tears ready to fall.   Alex, Klara's boyfriend, 
sat an uncomfortable hospital chair and stared into space. 

The man watched on and sighed in frustration to see the three people
love and worry so much about one person.  Suddenly the younger man 
looked up.  He looked straight up into the Watcher's eyes as if to say 
‘Don't you dare make her leave us.'  The Watcher splashed his hand in 
the picture and the image disappeared.  ‘He didn't see me.  No one 
can.' He said to the air.  He let the thought slip from his mind and 
watched elsewhere. 


He slammed on the alarm and rolled over, hitting the floor with a grunt.
 He sat up and groggily looked at the clock.  7:00am.  Way too early 
for him to be up on a Saturday. 

“Robbie!   Wake up!  Come on lets go play with my Legos!”  The voice on
the other side pounded on the door. Robbie groaned and painfully picked 
himself off the floor.  He opened the door and ducked as a Lego 
spaceman flew by.  A five-year-old boy stood grinning foolishly. 

“C'mon sleepyhead!” 

“Aight boy I be going.  But you'd best let me eat first.”  Robbie said
in his heavy African accent. 

Robbie sat down at the small kitchen table and ate out of the bowl,
which lay half empty with the younger boy's breakfast. 

‘Barbarians.'  The Watcher said.  ‘All of them; pigs.'  He continued

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