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The Magic is Lost (standard:fantasy, 2218 words)
Author: Anya LaneAdded: Aug 28 2002Views/Reads: 2199/1481Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Amaya Clearriver is ten when humans recieve magic. It is a wonderful gift for a while, but soon Things swing out of control. At sixteen Amaya decieds she must find someone to help her save her home.

Like many other children out there I wish magic were real, that I could
wave a wand and my homework and housework were done. But life does not 
work like that and we are taught young that magic is not real. But was 
it at one point? Were we given this gift and then had it taken away 
because we could not control our greed? Were there really Unicorns and 
Dragons? We'll never truly know but many keep hoping that magic will 
one day be part of our lives. 

Magic a gift, a prize, a reward. Magic a plague, a death, a corrupter.
Which vision is true? Both. Magic can be a gift or a plague depending 
on how it is used. We, the race of men, unfortunately learned we had 
chosen wrong to late and we lost the most precious gift we could be 
given. Here is our story. 

The sun shone down on the plains and the breeze made the golden grass
sway gracefully. Birds flew over head as though they knew what was 
about to take place. King Leetu stood with his men in the field smiling 
proudly as the space in front of him glowed red and the portal opened.  
I gasped at the sight I had never seen anything like that happen before 
but then again I was only ten. I could just see the ending of a 
waterfall that emptied into a lake through the portal. A tall man 
dressed in green robes carrying a black staff stepped through to our 
world. He walked forward and bowed to Leetu who bowed his head in 
response. They began to discuss something, which I could not hear from 
the distance I was at. I moved forward slowly not wanting to draw 
attention to myself. I could start to make out some of the words. I 
ducked under the long grass and listened hard. I wasn't actually 
supposed to be there but I never seemed to be able to follow the rules. 

For some odd reason King Leetu had warned us to stay away from the
plains today. I had not understood since that was a common place for us 
children to play and we had never gotten into any trouble before. Now I 
finally saw his reasoning or some of his reason. I couldn't understand 
what was going on yet so I listened harder. They seemed to be 
discussing something about a choice. 

"We have been chosen?!" Leetu asked I could here amazement and great joy
in his voice. 

"Yes your kind will receive the honor of holding magic and creatures
that possess magical qualities." The oddly dressed man answered. I took 
as good as a look as I could from the grass. He was tall and had long 
white hair and beard. He had a kind feel about him but at the moment 
his face was very serious. 

"We are honored. Thank you Malnuwe." Leetu answered with happiness
filling voice. 

"Now remember magic is not a thing to take lightly it is a very serious
matter. You must be very careful with it." 

"Of course." Leetu clearly stated seriously. "We will respect the rules
you lay down. Come to the castle and we will discuss them." His tone 

"Of course." Malnuwe answered respectably 

Leetu led the strange man to a horse. I heard them mount on there horses
and gallop away. I placed my ear to the ground and waited till I no 
longer heard the hoof beats then ran from my cover towards home. Just 
wait until I told my family of this we had waited so long for this day. 
I remember my Father saying that it would never happen we would never 
receive the honor of magic. Think of how shocked he'll be when I tell 
him this. I thought to myself as I ran. 

I had run out of breath long before I reach home. And I felt as though
there were a knife in my side. My heart was beating so fast I thought 
it might explode. I burst through the door and my parents turned 
towards the door fear in their eyes that melted away when they saw the 
smile on my face. I grabbed the laddel from the basin and drank the 
cool water. It felt good on my dry and scratchy throat. I took long 
breaths until I could at last I speak. I told them all of what I had 
heard in the field. At first they all just stared but then my father 
knelt down to my level and looked straight into my eyes. 

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