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Reminiscence (standard:romance, 1017 words)
Author: InspireAdded: Sep 01 2002Views/Reads: 2391/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is about having loved and lost.

She had swore that she wouldn't, she would never let it happen to her,
she wasn't like the other girls, she was different, at times she 
thought better even. But he was special. He was like no one else she 
had ever met. She had tried so hard to stay away from him, knowing it 
was wrong, knowing she would be going against everything she stood for, 
everything she had believed in. But to her it seemed impossible. She 
felt drawn to him, attracted to him so strongly that when he was around 
she couldn't think straight. All she could see was him, all she could 
feel was him, there was no one else except him. 

She still remembered it all so clearly like it was yesterday. Every time
she closed her eyes he was there. His perfect face grinning at her, his 
bright brown eyes burning into hers. If she tried hard enough she could 
almost remember how it felt to touch him, to feel him next to her. 

The first time she had seen him she knew he was different, not like the
many others that she knew. He had touched her heart, brought down the 
barriers that she had worked night and day to build. His every 
presence, his every touch, every tender caress had knocked them down 
one by one. 

She remembered the first time she had met him. Her cousin had brought
him and his mum over to their house. She had nearly slammed the door on 
him without realising he was there. But once she had seen him she knew 
that she wouldn't ever forget him. He was imprinted in her head for as 
long as she remembered those wonderful memories. Sometimes it drove her 
crazy thinking about all the times they had shared, all the things they 
had done together. But what tear away at her heart was the memories of 
what it felt to kiss him, to hold him, to make love to him. 

She remembered the first time he had kissed her. They were standing in
her front room. He had brought her home from the cinema. She was 
surprised at how the whole time they were there he hadn't made a move 
on her. To an extent she was even disappointed.  But now here they were 
standing opposite each other. He kept on saying he was leaving; yet he 
made no attempt to move towards the door. She had teased him saying she 
would see him tomorrow. Asking why he hadn't left yet, what was 
stopping him. He said goodbye once again as he moved towards her. He 
had moved until he was inches away from her face. She felt his hot 
breath on her face. “You know, I'm not leaving without a kiss” he said 
huskily staring into her eyes. She swallowed the lump that had formed 
in her throat; she looked at him then to his lips. She knew it was 
wrong, her brain was telling her to run, to stop this before it 
started, to get away from him as far as possible. But she froze to the 
spot and whispered, “Well what are you waiting for then?” Her heart 
pounded as he moved even closer towards her and reached out his hand to 
touch her face. He brushed the strands of hair that fell into her eyes. 
He gently caressed the side of her cheek down to her chin. Tracing his 
fingers around her face until he found her lips. He gently brushed his 
fingers over them looking at her so intensely, she felt unable to 
breath. She felt his fingers on her lips and yearned for his lips to 
touch hers. He finally brought his face closer to hers; she tilted her 
head waiting for him. He placed his lips on hers and she parted her 
lips to receive him. She felt his lips crush hers; she felt a rush 
through her whole body. She could feel the sensation take over her 
whole body as he continued to kiss her even intensely. She moved her 
body closer towards him until she could feel her chest press against 
his. She felt his arms around her as the kiss deepened. She felt her 
whole body awaken, every fibre in her body was responding to his touch. 
It was all she could do to pull away from him, trying to catch her 
breath. He stood there perfectly still, smiling at her. “You know next 
time, that's not going to be enough” he said as he reached his head 
forwarded and planted one final kiss on her cheek before he left. She 
knew exactly what he had meant and her heart skipped a beat at the 
prospect of what was to come. 

The tears rolled down her cheek now as she remembered those memories,
those wonderful memories that were going to torture her for as long as 
she remembered him. She wiped away the tears and looked around at the 
room. The room, which she had shared with him. She tried to block out 
the memories of both of them together smiling, laughing, and crying. 
She looked around the room from the cupboard where he kept his clothes 
to his desktop where he worked, until her eyes rested on the double bed 
that they had shared. Her breath caught in her throat as she replayed 
the many occasions that they had spent making love. She remembered his 
every touch as if he was touching her for the first time again. The 
pain was unbearable and she had to look away. She walked over to the 
door where her bags were packed. She bent down and picked them up. She 
turned around for one final look before she locked the door. She walked 
away slowly at first, then faster wanting to get away. She knew it was 
the right thing to do. She had nothing left to stay here for now. As 
she walked away, she knew that this very second he was marrying her 
cousin, making the lifetime commitment that he should be making to her. 


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