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Pain Immortalized (standard:other, 1209 words)
Author: meihueyAdded: Sep 15 2002Views/Reads: 1823/1055Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A girl feels hurt, crushed by a girl she consideres one of her closest friends... she takes her own life... and realizes that life is precious and regrets her decision

I stared, open-mouthed as I tried to digest what I had just heard. I
could not believe my ears. All my years of high school, I had thought 
her to be one of my best friends. Someone I could confide in. Someone I 
could trust. Someone who I thought actually liked me and cared about me 
for who I was and not who they wanted me to be. One person who actually 
liked me among many who just pretended to like me. And now... those 
hurtful words were coming out of her mouth. 

I turned away, tears blinding my eyes. I never thought that Marilyn
would ever say such a thing. Emotions surged through me. In my anger... 
I lashed out at her, not thinking about what I was saying, never giving 
myself a chance to regret my words. I told her I would never, ever 
speak with her again. And I meant it. I was a person of iron will, 
capable of doing anything to hurt someone who had crushed my fragile 
heart into tiny little pieces no matter how much it hurt. 

Later, she tried to make peace with me. I lashed out at her again,
totally ignoring her... and shouting “NO” when she repeated herself. 
The hurt, bewildered look in her eyes tore at my soul but I hardened my 
heart and struck again. Words can be as sharp as a razor and as cutting 
as a double-edged sword. It hurt her, but it hurt me also though I hid 
it well. 

I hurt her again and again the whole day... it occurred to me that she
did not realize that she had hurt me with her mindless use of words. 
With that revelation came unbridled anger. Somehow, I would make her 
pay. Somehow, I would make her feel the hurt that she had inflicted on 
me. Somehow, someday. Time was irrelevant. It could take years, but 
that didn't matter. I had patience. 

That weekend, I went out with a couple of friends. They had no idea that
I was angry at Marilyn. One of them actually asked me why I had not 
invited Marilyn along. I avoided the subject. By that time, several 
people had actually noticed that something was wrong. I would normally 
hang out with Marilyn and Sophia but now it was just Sophia and I. 

Sophia and I. 

Somehow that sounded so incomplete. All my years of high school it had
been Sophia, Marilyn and me. Now, it was just Sophia and me. But I 
would not speak to Marilyn. I had too much pride. I would rather stay 
home and be bored the whole holidays then go out with my friends just 
to avoid Marilyn. I had no desire to meet her or speak with her right 
then, the double-faced jerk! 

A few days later, Sophia told me that she had told Marilyn that I was
angry with her because Marilyn had phoned me at a wrong time when I had 
just stubbed my toe and was in pain. Marilyn had said something like... 
“Oh, I feel so sorry for her... NOT!” Hearing Sophia relate what 
Marilyn had said to her almost made me laugh out loud. After all those 
years of friendship I could not believe that Marilyn could actually 
believe that I was angry with her because of a phone call. I was 
ALREADY angry with her then. She was just too blind to realize that her 
words to me earlier in the day had severed our friendship. 


I drove madly through the streets of Georgetown blinded by my grief and
anger. I was hurt. Extremely hurt. It showed just how much of the life 
I thought I was living was a lie. Maybe one day Sophia would say the 
same things that Marilyn had so casually said to me. The words that had 
ruined our friendship and the special bond we shared. It seemed to me 
that nothing could ever bridge the gulf that had suddenly materialized 
between us. It seemed that nothing could scale the wall that had sprung 
up. It seemed that nothing was worth anything anymore... that my whole 
life was a lie... 

Loud honking suddenly jerked me back to my senses. I stared in horror at
the headlights of the oncoming truck as it bore on me... closing in 
with every second that passed. But I did nothing to avoid it. I was 
actually hoping that this was going to happen. There was a horrible... 
sickening crunch of metal... then... blessed silence... 


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