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Tiernda's Walk (standard:fantasy, 670 words)
Author: KayEssAdded: Sep 16 2002Views/Reads: 2010/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Taking a walk is no fun, especially if you get lost are don't know where you are going.

The walk was long and hasteless.  I hurried, yet I slowed.  I never paid
attention to the surroundings as often as they changed.  Walking was 
effortless and breathing unnecessary at this point. Colorlessness 
shifted in swirling nightmares, but I never noticed.  I never 
understood the nagging sensation in the back of my mind.  I was caught 
up between sanity and insanity, neither if which was the least bit 
familiar.  I was vaguely aware that I was not quite on solid ground, 
and there was a sinking sensation in my stomach as if I were falling at 
a frequently speeding pace, yet I seemed not to be going either down or 
forward at all. This alerted a small peice of my mind and made it 

I seemed to go on in this dream/reality world for hours, yet when I
understood the nagging sensation I interpereted it as a distant voice 
not quite being accepted into this world I had created.  It pulled 
harder and harder on the barred recesses of my mind, and I attempted to 
block it out of my way so my concentration would be be fully on what 
was happening around me even though I already knew that this attept 
would be useless. 

In the next moment a gripping facination pulled me into its depths. 

I was standing on a rock surrounded by four perfect circles. I couldn't
quite make out the features contained in my surrounding for my vision 
had been blurred by the sudden fatigue on my being.  After a short 
while of adjusting my eyes to their new home, I glanced at the four 
large circles around me and what was contained inside their mysterious 
veil. At first they tried to hide from me, playing master of disguise, 
but I quickly broke that shield. After they sensed I had much more 
power than they, they unblocked all their secrets, opened theirselves 
,and I was left to explore. Though I was mentally caged and not allowed 
to leave my rock. 

I first looked out unconsciously over the circle to my left. 
Unconsciousness faded replaced with a recognition of this place as if I 
had been here before.  All othe circles were blocked for sight as I 
stared out into the first. There was some type of odd swirling white 
mist that had the characteristics and effect of air.  A strong breeze 
settled over me , and my vision blurred. The next thing I noticed was a 
new circle in front of me. Was this a test? I did not know. OK, 
well.... If this is a test, what is it for? The next pool was not 
swirling white mist, but was the deep blue color of the ocean. WATER!! 
Let's see.... Air, water- what? Okay.  The same sensation of the breeze 
washed over me in a fluid motion and another pool appeared in front of 
me.  Even before my vision cleared I knew what would appear in front of 
me.  I felt extreme heat and tounges of fire dance playfully and 
mockingly daring me to reach out and fall within their grasp. I shield 
away from the flames and realize instantly what is going on, but it was 
to late to react. A burst of flames exploded in a rush right over me, 
and I was introduced to a new sight, a beautiful sight.  There were 
perfect green blades of grass, long slender trees, and flowers of all 
colors. This now was Earth. Air- Water- Fire- Earth- these were all of 
the basic elements. These.... shaped _LIFE_.  Which is what I am.  _I_ 
am life, created by everything here.  _I_ am what has been missing in 
this puzzle of nature for so long.  But why me? Why was _me_ called 

"Because you belong- you were the Missing and now you have been Found.
This is your place now. Forever shall you stay." 

The nag loosened its grip on me and floated far away. I rested on my
rock never to return to reality again. 


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