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Invitation to a Better Life (Ways to Society's Heart Chapter 1) (standard:drama, 12698 words) [1/8] show all parts
Author: SiobhanUpdated: Oct 01 2002Views/Reads: 2103/1261Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Jessica begins high school and is sucked in by the popular group. She is invited to a party and when she is arrived is struck by the feeling that something is very wrong with the whole picture.

The summer was spent slowly with Jessica acting as a recluse.  She
didn't go out, she didn't make friends, and she didn't deal with her 
family.  She hid out in her room and only ventured out when absolutely 
necessary.  Her mom enrolled her at Mesquite High School and when the 
first day came, she was not prepared.  She needed Anna and Elijah with 
her, but she was alone.  Always alone.  And she knew it was going to be 
a hellish day. 

Jessica stood at the new school, her mind overwhelmed with information. 
She felt so lost and vulnerable and she hated the feeling.  Why did her 
mom have to get remarried and move out to another state?  Here, in 
Arizona, she was alone and knew no one.  Kids pushed around her, giving 
her a wide berth but somehow managing to make her feel crowded and 
pressured.  They cast her curious and annoyed looks as she stood in the 
middle of the courtyard but she didn't know where to go.  She took a 
look at the map and her class schedule and she was still just as 
confused on which direction was which.  She cast a glance about and let 
out a breath of weariness.  Her first day, friendless and lost, was not 
going well. 

Suddenly a tall brunette girl walked up.   She was stunning and she had
the air of someone powerful around her.  Long locks of perfectly placed 
brown hair swirled around her feminine shoulders and she seemed as if 
she glided through the thriving crowd of kids.  She wore a light pink 
sweater and a pair of flawlessly fitting jean capris that screamed that 
she had breasts and hips. 

"Are you a freshman?" she inquired, a smile teasing the corner of her
lips.  Her voice was thick and syrupy and each word was pronounced 
without the slightest hint of shyness.  Everything about her suggested 
popular and confidence and Jessica was a bit unsure what to do.  She 
had never been comfortable with the popular kids and in her old town, 
had hated them and envied them in one fair swoop. 

She fidgeted uncomfortably and replied, "No, actually I'm a senior. 
Just new."  She hated feeling out of place and she detested popular 
people.  Yet she had to deal with both.  Sometimes it seemed as if life 
had dealt some pretty unfair cards and she was on the receiving end.  
How she needed Elijah now, or Anna, or anyone from her old group.  She 
would duck away and be gone before the brunette even knew what was 

"Cool, I'm Rhonda Whilts and I'm also a senior.  I'll give you a tour of
the place, you know make it a little more easier for you to find your 
way around,” she offered, suavely flipping her gorgeous hair over her 
shoulder.  Jessica was suddenly aware of the kids staring in open 
mouthed awe as they passed Rhonda, their eyes wide with admiration and 
want.  She felt honored at being offered a tour by this obviously 
favored girl and she decided to accept.  She knew she was kind of 
selling out, but what other choice did she have? 

“Ok,” she agreed casually, afraid to seem too eager.  Maybe things
weren't going as bad as she thought, after all she was with a girl that 
seemed as if everyone preferred to be with her, or maybe things were 
going worse.  She was after all with a popular girl and those kind of 
friendships never ended well, if there was even a relationship to start 
out with or one just based upon raising the status.   Immediately the 
tour began and Jessica felt so bored.  Rhonda not only told her about 
the school but she also told her who to hang out with and who to avoid 
and all sorts of unnecessary information.  Jessica feigned interest and 
smiled, nodding accordingly but she wished for the tour to end.  She 
thought Rhonda was cool but she seemed so shallow and almost airhead 
like, focusing on only the visual aspects of things.  For instance, 
they passed this group who reminded her much of her old friends, and 
Rhonda told her flat out to avoid them.  That they were like a plague 
that would latch on and bring her down.  Jessica thought that even 
though they looked a bit like the nerdy kids that they looked very 
sweet and fun to be with.  She kept her mouth shut though, afraid to 
make even the slightest bit of a bad impression. 

But she became lost in her own thoughts, thinking of Elijah, of his
hands on her body and she wanted to cry.  She thought of his lips 
touching hers and of the ways his eyes lit up when he saw her.  She 
wanted to talk to him but they had decided upon not speaking.  It hurt 
both of them too much to be reminded of what they could not have.  She 

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