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Feeding (standard:other, 221 words)
Author: KayEssAdded: Sep 30 2002Views/Reads: 1996/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
(I don't know what to put here.)

My heart is drowning.  It is slowly diminishing into nothingness.  I
realize this but there is nothing that I can do to refrain this 
drowning. Just letting it go would be the best solution, but I risk my 
heart and without my heart where is my soul to give me ideas for the 
words I am jotting down?  My heart is in pain which is giving me joy 
yet still I suffer.  My heart gives me life or at least my makes me 
think this way.  My brain gives me the nightmares to stop my heart and 
cause more pain giving me greater pleasure and my fear.... My fear.  I 
feed.  Feeding off fear fills me with a bliss even greater than pain 
ever could.  I feed off of mine and others fear and when the fear 
inside of me or others reaches a breaking point I become practically 
invincible.  This gives me and others even more to fear.  This power 
allows me to easily inflict pain upon others and myself.  This way I am 
always feeding and always in pain, but this capability to be this way 
this being doesn't last very long and is still rather irrelevant to me 
for I haven't been this way very long, yet none of is scares me I just 
learn to accept it.


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