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Mirline (standard:fantasy, 1457 words)
Author: See EmmAdded: Sep 30 2002Views/Reads: 1806/1238Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I don't have a story description because I don't know how to describe this story.

It never rained in this land, yet the land had the richest soil
to grow prized crops, and the land never had a drought.  You could feel 
the earth squish under your feet, and there was a never ending supply 
of water.  This land was put under a spell so the water would come up 
instead of down.  No one would grow hungry or thirsty.  The water came 
from an unknown starting point, but eventually flowed into a river 
which flowed into another which led to the Kingdom Sea.  The Kingdom 
was connected to the Hemayan Sea and the Defected Sea which were part 
of the North and Western Lands.  Its waters were full of great monsters 
and no one would drink from it due to fear of poison or death.  The 
Hemayan Sea was in the North.  It had fresh waters and a surpreme 
supply of fish.  No one feared this water because it wasn't black like 
the Defected Sea but a deep golden-green.  Now the Kingdom Sea is 
another story.  The Kingdom Sea lies along the East Lands.  Its waters 
are neither green, gold or black, but the clearest blue.  It gives off 
a mirror effect so that you can even see to the bottom of its deepest 
parts.  Let's think here.... Ah yes, there is yet one more sea.  It is 
none of any of the colors just mentioned above, or like any of the 
names stated either.  Its name generously compliments its being.  It is 
called the Lickredeous Sea. Lickredeous means " clearly unseen; 
whispering " in Jon'rey, the lost language of the elves.  This sea was 
its name in every way.  It had absolutely no color whatsoever.  It was 
as clear as looking down on the world on a sunny day in the tallest 
tower of the tallest building, or on the snowiest of all the snowy days 
the bottom could still be seen.  The end of the sea was unknown, it 
seemed to go on forever.  Everything and everyone thought that is did, 
but it did not.  It ended in a world far away from the East Land or the 
South Land.  It ended on the edge of a world which would later be known 
as Scarcelore. 


She was walking.  She heard some voices that she did not recognize so it
frightened her.  She hid in some bushed so they wouldn't see her.  She 
couldn't see the peoples faces, for they were hidden in the shadows of 
their black cloaks. They talked for quite some time before they took 
off. She didn't come out of her hiding place until she could no longer 
hear a leaf rustle.  She became paranoid but paranoia was forgotten 
when the found a letter. 

.... Should I pick it up?.... She thought... Or should I leave it there
waiting for its original bearer to come back?... She picked it up of 
course being the curious young child she was.  She opened the letter 
carefully and immediately closed it.  .... Impossible!... She 
thought.... She looked at the letter again.  Her mouth dropped and it 
was a while before she realized it.  Now she was very scared.  The 
language that the letter was written in, was Droneael, the language of 
the Drones, who were the earliest descendants of the Gnomes!!!  So that 
was who they were, Drones!  Drones were thought to be banished by the 
Gods for their evil ways.  She was panicking.  What if the Drones were 
still around?  She left that idea in the back of her mind and tried to 
decipher the letter.  The words were mixed around as if someone wrote 
this in a hurry.  She knew some Droneael, but not much.  She stared at 
it hard and her little nose was scrunched from the effort. She could 
only make out four phrases: ".... they are coming...", "... we must 
run....", "...we have to cross the sea...", " ... the only way..".  The 
letter was written roughly unlike her own language. She was Faerie.  A 
very small creature of about six inches.  Faeries grow to be a foot 
high at the most, but when they are angry they can become as high as 
the highest mountain.  If they are shy or are feeling scared they can 
shrink and become as tiny as a small childs finger nail.  Faeries all 
have strange names.  Some are not as strange as others.  Jippy, Jho, or 
Firez are much more common than Ghederi or Moliphzyr.  Psynolical was a 
name hardly ever used.  Now, this particular young Faerie, she had a 
name not heard of before in the history of Faerie.  Her name was 
Mirline.  Mirline's physical features and attitude were even more 
beautiful than her name.  She was born of AHKlan, her father, and 
Juill, her mother, in to the Stran Halm family.  Faeries were fairly 
easy learners.  They could remember anything ever told to them or 
memorize anything you put in front of them.  They would remember it for 
the rest of their life.  Faeries knew almost every known language or at 
least had records of them.  There were over four thousand languages in 
the lands. 

The records were kept in the Tsirechian Library once runned by the

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