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The House of Dark Secrets (Part I) (standard:horror, 1653 words)
Author: SiobhanAdded: Oct 01 2002Views/Reads: 2079/1229Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
She only was enjoying the ride home from her sister's school as she did everyday, but the house that reeked of death demanded her attention unlike anything ever before. It's call begs for her to enter, and she cannot resist.

She drove the same way home from dropping her little sister at school
every day past the high school.  She would head northbound on Extension 
just out of habit and so she would drive through the teenage infested 
neighborhood, five days a week.  It wasn't any different the day it 
would all change. 

She waved at the crossing guard as she always did.  They didn't even
know each other but since he had seen her every day, he had taken to 
waving to her.  She figured he thought she went to the high school.  Of 
course she didn't, she had graduated and was a freshman in college, but 
not everyone could possibly know that.  She waited patiently for a 
group of dawdling boys to cross the road to the auto class building.  
They were so slow and lost in their own thoughts, she tapped her 
fingernails impatiently on the steering wheel and revved the engine.  
Finally they reached the curb and she squealed her tires as she whipped 
around the corner.  She zipped up past the agriculture area and up to 
the stop sign where she again waited for a group of students to reach 
the other side. 

She turned and there were the clutter of lower class houses that were
east of the school.  They were more like tiny little boxes with crappy 
cars sitting in front of them.  Regularly dirty children no older than 
three or four could be seen playing in the sparse grass that was 
supposed to be yards.  And though it was not a neighborhood of money, 
it seemed to be a quiet one.  There were never really cops or loud 
music, or scruffy low riders jumping down the street.  But that day was 
different.  The stillness was deadly and heavy, weighing down 
oppressively.  There were no children nor any movement, in fact the 
only sign of life, was the cop sitting palely in his car.  He looked 
ill and he kept closing his eyes and shaking his head. 

There was one house in the middle, no different than the other houses,
except for the bright police tape that surrounded it.  And the door 
hanging awkwardly on it's hinges, dark red stains spattered around the 
handle.  The entrance was empty, a black mouth yawning for someone to 
come in.  She couldn't help but look, rubber necking, hoping to catch a 
glimpse of what had happened.  Another cop stumbled out of the door, 
staggered to the grass where he wretched into the soil.  He kneeled 
there, his body shuddering and his skin white and sweaty.  She could 
hear more sirens coming in the background, but for the moment she heard 
something else. 

Something from inside the house, like a dry rustle of winds across
leaves was calling her name.  Seductively, it begged her to enter, to 
explore it's hidden secrets, uncover the darkness that seemed to whelm 
out of the doorway.  She knew it wasn't a real voice, but it was 
nagging at her anyhow.  Something did want her to come in, and she 
nearly pulled over and parked.  But she knew with the police there, it 
would look strange, especially if she wandered nonchalant into the 
forbidden house.  She would come back later, she wouldn't go in, but 
she might sneak a peak through the windows or something. 

She drove the rest of the way home, her mind no longer on the soothing
ride.  She was stuck back at that house, milling over it's contents.  
She had to know what happened, what was in there.  Why had it claimed 
her attention so?  She had seen police cars, police tape, and so on 
before, she didn't exactly live in upper class Mesa or anything.  Her 
neighborhood harbored drug dealers, sex offenders, and just in general, 
twisted people, so it wasn't the cops.  She was used to them, there was 
something else.   Something dark and forlorn, almost lonely, and it 
wanted her.  No, it needed her. 

She parked in underneath the trees on the street, got out and pressed
the lock button on her little alarm control.  Her truck beeped once and 
the lights flashed before it was silent again.  She turned and walked 
almost mechanically into the house, barely aware of what she was doing. 
 She wanted in that house, it was necessary to her mannerism of life.  
She had to go check it out.  She sauntered into her room, so out of it, 
she tripped over one of their dogs.  She didn't really notice, just 
recovered and kept on going. 

She sank onto her bed and stared intently at the ceiling.  Her cat leapt
upon her chest and meowed desperately for attention, but she didn't 
react, her mind still back at the house.  She again saw the cop stagger 
out, pale and shaken by what he had seen, the other policeman hiding in 

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