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The Rescue (standard:humor, 562 words)
Author: ChuckAdded: Oct 12 2002Views/Reads: 2677/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Out for an afternoon drive, a couple springs into action, when they spot a little girl with a cigarette lighter heading towards a gasoline can.

The Rescue 

Thomas and Dianne Stewart, out for an afternoon drive, stopped at a stop
sign in a quiet suburban neighborhood.  Thomas watched a little girl, 
perhaps two years old, as she played in her yard.  Moments later he 
gasped when he realized she was playing with a cigarette lighter.  "How 
utterly awful, to let a small child play with a cigarette lighter," 
Thomas exclaimed to his wife.  His wife nodded her head in agreement. 

As he prepared to pull away, he watched the little girl head into the
back yard.  As the car began to move, Thomas spotted a large red 
gasoline can, with no lid on it.  If the small toddler flicked the 
cigarette lighter, the spark or resulting flame could ignite the fumes 
escaping from the open gas can, creating a high potential for disaster. 

Thomas, trained in safety and rescue operations while in the armed
forces, trained in the martial arts while in college, a marathon 
runner, weight lifter, Olympic swimmer, and a lumber jack by trade, 
sprang into action. 

He literally kicked his car door open, shattering the hinges, as he gave
instructions to his wife with the aid of a bullhorn.  Fetch the hose 
honey and fetch it quickly.  His wife ran around the car, raising the 
hood, where using her bare hands, she tried to remove the radiator 
hose.  Her husband, not wanting to hurt her feelings, screamed softly 
but sternly, "garden hose honey, garden hose", while muttering under 
his breath, "stupid wonman". 

She then ran around the house, gathering up all the garden hoses she
could find, while Thomas ran to the gas can.  As fast as possible, he 
drew a perimeter one hundred feet away from the can with the heel of 
his foot, completely encircling the can.  He instructed his wife to 
connect the five hoses.  She nodded her head in agreement and hurriedly 
did as she was told. 

Thomas advised his wife to gather anything she could find, lawn chairs,
garbage cans, even the barbecue grill, and get them to the street to 
form a protective barrier.  This would keep out unsuspecting neighbors 
in the event of a catastrophe. 

Obediently, his wife ran, gathering up the items necessary and hastily
built the barricade.  Thomas ran to the street to block traffic, as he 
sent his wife to turn on the water.  Under her husband's direct 
guidance, she sprayed water within the perimeter, saturating the 

With this done, he instructed her to run to their car and fetch the fire
extinguisher.   She nodded her head and returned in seconds with the 
equipment he needed.  He removed the tab, activating the extinguisher 
and directed her to spray the small child as if she were in flames. 

Dianne aimed the nozzle at the toddler and pulled the trigger. 
Mushrooming foam covered the little girl from her head to her toes, 
protecting her from the flames, in the even of an explosion.  The 
little girl began crying, not aware that these two people were risking 
their very lives for her.......... 

From the side of the house, Thomas and Dianne heard the child's mother
yell, "Jessica, do you need more candy in you Pez dispenser?" 
....................Thomas looked again at the object in the little 
girl's hand.............. 

Thomas and Dianne sprinted for the car, tearing down the blockade, as
they hightailed it out of the neighborhood. 


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