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I'm Taken (standard:humor, 497 words)
Author: jcrct7Added: Oct 15 2002Views/Reads: 2094/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Another "mini-story" I wrote. This plot happened to me at school just recently. Hope it brings a bit of humor to your day!

I'm Taken 

Written By Chris Wade (jcrct7) 

My lovely, yet quaint, abode was located in a silent, untouchable area. 
A thin crevice plunged, more times than none, in an ebony of light.  
One peculiar day, just before the hot of noon, I was plunged into 
surrounding brightness and swiftly carried to another destination.  
This action startled me quite sufficiently so I froze and gazed upward 
to the colorful blur of the world. 

During this rampage fiasco, I had lain in my canopy to slumber for a
bit, but the roughness of the transporter caused the many, but deicate 
attachements to loosen and dangle on great, parallel pit-falls below 
me.  I was slammed into the cold sid eof my home and I wondered if the 
movement would ever cease.  To my surprize, it did and I sighed, for a 
moment, of relief and regained my buoyancy in the atmosphere of the 

A sudden cry of disbelief boomed through me and I was shook from my
livings and forever fell to "the outside" grounds.  It was, oh so, 
horrible, the pain that shot all over me.  I burned from the fall, yet 
shook from coolness of the ground I was unrightfully placed.  My house 
was turned from my friendliness and it was smashed into me.  Total 
darkness.  Total discombobulation.  Total deprivcy of life itself.  I 
was, at last, dead from this fast-paced, confusing, odd world. 

The abode was lifted from the ground.  I was lifted into the air also,
but my physical self remained in a greenish-brown pile of goop.  I saw 
my body, within a mere seventeen minutes, two seconds, carried slowly 
and whistfully by a small company of annoying insects.  Ants.  Others 
tried to capture me for their drawn-near matinee, but didn't succede.  
Sorry, fellow annoyances.  I'm taken. 

Note From The Author 

This is the second "mini-story" I have published on this site.  I wrote
it during my Math class, as it was most boring today, and it is acually 
about a true event that happened to me and others in, well Math class! 

This mini-story is about a spider.  The main character who is telling
the story.  His abode or home is my Math binder.  One day, when I 
acually needed my binder, I saw that a spider had made a web ont he top 
part of the binder, where the papers are.  My friends and I shook it 
out onto the floor and my friend took my binder and slapped it dead.  
Around twenty minutes later, we saw ants carrying it away.  From our 
point of view, it was rather funny.  This mini-story is from the 
spider's point of view, but I still hope you got some humor of the 
wordings and discriptions and such. 

That is the explaination of this writing!  Tell me what you think by
rating it or even giving me some comments!  I would love to hear from 
you and look for my next "mini-story":	Know 

Thank you for reading!


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