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Perpetual Dreams (youngsters:drama, 248 words)
Author: Marcus ScotobicAdded: Oct 15 2002Views/Reads: 4035/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Culver City is the city of the devils, where the north wind blows forever with no end in sight. Can anyone survive it with their spirit intact?

"Attention!" The loud speaker blared. "All persons with an income of
less than that of $25,000 a year please report to your homes or 
detainment facilities" It came at the same time every day, every one 
who was classified as "lower income" had to go home, so as not to 
insult the "higher income" people by walking on the same sidewalks and 
shopping in the same stores. This city was cruel that way, it broke 
people. The strongest people had come to this city, searching for 
power, fame, all the good things in life, and had been struck down, 
stuck in a life of scrounging for food and begging for money. But not 
Marc. Marc was not a big guy, about 5'3" all told, and he was skinny 
too. He didn't have much money but when he did get some, he always put 
half in the bank. The interest wasn't high but it was enough. The money 
was for the future, not now. "No, $1200 isn't enough to buy my civic. 
I'm not taking less than 18." "Come on, man! That relic is twenty years 
old!" Marc pleaded. "I'll give you 14 but that is all I have, please." 
"Okay. But this card better be valid." Marc had a car. Now all he 
needed were supplies for his trip out of this hell-hole. This was his 
dream. Culver City wasn't going to break him. He was going to move 
away; just as soon as he got the money.... 


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