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America The Great? (standard:poetry, 345 words)
Author: A.M. SneadAdded: Oct 22 2002Views/Reads: 1859/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I have to stop and wonder what exactly it is that makes us think that we are so much better than everyone else, and when I do, I find that we really aren't.


Once upon a time... 

There was a nation Great and strong 

It knew the difference between right and wrong 

It put its trust in God up high 

And favored truth against a lie 

But something happened as the years went by 

You can hear its children plead and cry 

For truth and justice they once knew 

For the honor of the red, white and blue 

So this nation once great and strong 

Now frames mischief by a law 

Puffed up with pride it stands tall 

Thinking it is ruler over all 

It's forgotten that Pride comes before destruction 

It's cast off the bible and all God's instruction 

It is wise in it's own conceit it does not recall 

That a haughty spirit comes before a fall 

And now this nation once great and wise 

Allows our unborn children to suffer and die 

And then redeem their honor by proclaiming great and small 

"We've done nothing wrong- They weren't babies at all" 

It's perverted God's word with all its abominations 

Turning truth into lie, wallowing in deprivation 

Women with women, Men with men 

It's an alternate lifestyle, It isn't a sin 

It hands out birth control like candy and pop 

"Just protect yourself- And Don't get caught" 

It's teaching our youth that sin isn't sin 

Have a good time, there's no Hell at the end 

This nation stands up before one and all 

And condemns our adversaries for their immoral laws 

It calls them killers, cowards and thieves 

When all along it's doing the same things 

We are called traitors if we speak the truth 

Criminal and abusive if we correct our youth 

Accused of hate crimes if we speak reality 

That God is against Homosexuality 

This nation was founded on God's commandments 

Where did it go wrong?  What could have happened? 

One thing is for certain, listen close one and all 

If it doesn't get back to God this nation will fall 

It saddens my heart to make this call 

But perhaps America the Great...Isn't so great after all. 


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