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In His Arms (standard:romance, 242 words)
Author: SareAdded: Nov 18 2002Views/Reads: 2514/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
How it feels to be held.

His arms around her.  That's all she really wants, all she really needs.
 The ring he will slip onto her finger to claim her as his; the vows 
that will bind them to each other; the piece of paper that will tell 
the world that they belong to each other; the baby that his seed will 
create and her body will nurture - more than all of these, she needs 
him, his arms around her.  In his arms is the promise of all of these 
things, and more.  In his arms is the vow that he will love her, honour 
her, comfort and protect her, for all of his living days.  In his arms 
is the caress that only a lover can give, brimming with passion and 
desire, but filled, too, with tenderness and warmth.  In his arms is 
the longing to hold her forever and never let go.  In his arms is his 
love for her, undying, unrelenting, unconditional.  Only in his arms 
can she let herself love him with all of her heart, body, mind, soul.  
Only in his arms is she safe enough to open herself to him and to 
loving him, wholly and completely.  Only in his arms can she make 
herself totally vulnerable, reassured by the knowledge that even at her 
weakest, he will keep her safe.  In his arms she feels that she will 
never be alone again, because she is his and always will be.


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