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Knight's Knight (standard:drama, 1131 words)
Author: Saint KnightAdded: Nov 24 2002Views/Reads: 1844/1160Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
There are times our Knight is not on his Shining Armor....

So the threat of mortality was true.  There he was, the most invincible
knight in shining armor, helpless.  Unconscious like an innocent baby 
sleeping.  His divine body was accented with that wound that ran from 
just below his throat down to his heart.  Blood was to conquer that 
white Irish cloth wrapped on that portion of his being.  There was only 
one thing he remembered amidst his subconsciousness: the faint 
sensation of that sword that penetrated his skin and isolated him from 
his medieval necklace holding a holy silver cross. 

Then his eyes flickered gracefully.  His veins danced desperately.  His
soul was coming back to his body.  No, it was not the pain that woke 
him.  It was a distant shout from a perfectly familiar voice. 

"BROTTHHHERRR....." cried the 17-year-old lad, tired, almost unconscious
himself "Where is she? Where is she!!!" he cried, almost shouting.  
"What happened to you?" he worriedly asked upon seeing his brother tied 
on a chair.  He tried to stand, but pain killed his deadly attempt. 
"She did this.  The Princess dis this.... she.. she.... wanted.. good 
heavens... she...... she is gone!" explained the lad, obviously 
uncontented with his young desire to summarize evertything. The knight 
remained lying, tears in his eyes.  No, not because of fear for 
himself, but for that of his Princess.  And then it hit him.  He 
scanned the room where he was nursed by his brother and his girl, and 
was shocked.  His armor was gone. And so was his sword. "She cannot do 
this!  She cannot win revenge for me! She is killing her self!" he 
shouted. "I have warned you... the princess loves you and she is crazy 
about it.... I am afraid the king learns about this! Your love is 
insane! You know from the start that death is the twin of anyone who 
attempts to have the princess' heart.. and now..... now she's 
gone...... she is ruining her life to take revenge for you!"  his 
brother said.  "She tied me up to prevent me from preventing her... 
brother, she is insane!" he continued. "I have to go and find her" 
demanded the knight. "You're killing yourself as well," answered the 
boy. "God, I am helpless....." he cried. 

As if an instant answer, an owl, white as snow, entered the cottage
through a broken window.  A parchment was on its beak.  The owl dropped 
the parchment right on his wound and fled.  It was a letter.... all 
written in blood..... 

Let love wake you up I am in no better condition than you are love made
me do this they captured me god forgive them..... forgive them for.... 
for raping me 

The letter was like a knife that stole a kiss from his heart.  He is now
crying, cursing, going totally insane.  He wanted to die at the moment. 
 He wanted too see their kingdom's enemies die in anguish.  He wanted 
them to witness their loved ones being.... being screwed right before 
their very eyes.  He wanted revenge, plainly but sophisticatedly. 

"What is it?" his brother asked. "A letter." he was still shaky. "I
guess it was. Come on, what was written on it?" the boy demanded. 
"Nothing, nothing of importance" he lied.	  "My princess is... is... in 
good hands" 

His adrenalin helped him gain some strength to stand up and free his

"You will be going with me....." he declared. "Where to?" the lad asked,
innocently "We will be meeting her." He said with no emotions "But- 
"You just follow" he interrupted. "She cannot make it here again, the 
guards of the palace might see her coming here.  The king will be angry 
and we're both dead. Yes- You and me, dead" he continued. The lad 
helplessly nodded. 

"We need your horse, she took mine." he explained "He is always ready
but-" the boy said "Yes, we cannot use only one horse.  Good thing a 
dear friend asked me to keep his horse two nights ago.  He is still 
there.  Go get both of them." the knight said. 

So off they went..... "to meet" his princess. 

"Where will she wait?" his brother asked. "St. Peter's" he seriously
said. "Oh No......... good heavens!!! It is very dangerous there.... 
all the enemies are there!" he cried. And then it hit him. "You lied!  

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