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The Rain Is Falling (standard:poetry, 167 words)
Author: kendall thomas Added: Nov 05 2000Views/Reads: 2492/2Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Love & exprience

The Rain Is Falling 

The rain is falling through the leaves. I open my window to hear the
drops. They say to me that love comes with a broken heart; that it 
comes with a heavy price and is full of deceit. But the rain is pure as 
it falls through the leaves. 

She comes again. I see her standing in the rain. She holds her bleeding
heart out in her hands to me with a selfless look I have seen before. 

Less and less she has come through the years, but still she comes,
thinking I will be deceived. I who have lived so long! 

But this time I will take her heart, bleeding from the palms of her
hands, and I will bury it in the ground, in a plain, wooden box-- not 
of gold nor of silver, for if someone should dig it up, I would not 
want him rejoicing, thinking that there was something inside of even 
greater worth, instead of worms. 



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