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Moth meets the Man in the Moon (youngsters:adventure, 4054 words)
Author: NevilleAdded: Dec 11 2002Views/Reads: 3337/1654Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The story of a boy who travels to the moon, where he discovers the secret of the Man in the Moon.

Chapter 1  Moth in the Dark 

Moth lives at the bottom of the world on the top of a hill. Moth shares
a bedroom with his brother Nail at the bottom of the house. He sleeps 
in the top bunk, under the ceiling, on top of the mattress and under 
the blankets. 

One night Moth goes outside with his mother to help her feed the dogs.
She turns on the outside light so that they can see what they are 
doing. Moth's mum puts the dogfood in the dogs' dishes and Moth looks 
up into the sky. He sees hundreds of moths circling around the outside 
light and spiralling up towards the stars until they disappear into the 

"Where are all those moths going?" he asks. 

"They are going to visit the Man in the Moon," replies his mother. 

"Where is the Man in the Moon?" 

"He lives on the Moon." She points up at the full moon that hangs in the
sky and shines down on them. 'If you look carefully at the dark marks 
on the moon you can see his face." 

Moth looks very hard very hard at the moon, but he cannot see any face.
"I can't see anything." 

"Well, you just have to use your imagination," 

"Perhaps I will go and visit the Man in the Moon." 

"How are you going to do that?" asks his mother. 

"I think that I will fly up to the Moon." 

"Don't be silly. I know your name is Moth, but you are just a boy with
arms instead of wings. You can't fly to the Moon." 

"So, I will fly to the Moon in a plane." 

"Planes can't fly to the Moon. It is too high for them and there is no
air up there. Only rockets can go so far." 

"So ...." 

"So now it is time to go to bed," Moth's mother interrupts and she takes
him inside. 

Chapter 2  Moth Builds a Rocket 

The next day Moth tells his father that he is going to build a rocket
ship to go to the moon. 

"That is a good idea," his father replies. 

"But I need some help. What do I do first?" 

"I don't know anything about building rocket ships. You should go to the
library and borrow some books that tell you all about rocket ships. 
Then you can draw up a plan of what you need to do." 

Moth thinks that is a very good idea and as soon as school finishes that
day he rushes to the library. 

"Where can I get a book about rocket ships?" he asks the librarian, and
she shows him where to find the section with books all about space. 

Moth finds a book about rockets and space ships. It has pictures of
small rockets that are used to study the earth and the planets and the 
stars. It has pictures of big rockets that can carry people so that 
they can go and explore in space. The book describes everything that 
goes into a rocket ship and makes it work. 

Moth reads the book very carefully and draws up a plan of his rocket
ship. He needs a cabin to sit in to make the rocket go and a place for 

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