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Deer Hunting (standard:other, 382 words)
Author: bradleyAdded: Dec 12 2002Views/Reads: 2835/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
As the summer ends and you put your rods and reels away, it is time to start thinking about deer hunting. The first season to open is black powder which opens in mid september.

As the summer ends and you put your rods and reels away, it's time to
start thinking about deer hunting.  The first season to open is black 
powder, which opens in mid September.  I think that it is still too hot 
for deer hunting during the black powder season.  I like to take time 
during black powder season to start watching the deer in the area I 
hunt.  I'll find where there has been a large amount of deer activity 
and put out deer blocks.  Some hunters put out corn, but I feel that 
the wild Turkey take a large portion of the corn.  Also during black 
powder season and during bow season,  which opens in November,  I'll 
make sure my gun is shooting properly. 

Once you start watching the deer in the area you hunt, you want to be
careful not to disturb the area.  I try not to enter the area in the 
same place twice.  One thing I think helps is the spray's that cover 
the human scent.  During black powder and bow season,  you do alot of 
praying that the deer you have been watching isn't harvested by another 
hunter in the area you hunt. 

When high power season opens in mid-December, it is very cold.  You make
your way to your deer stand at about 6:00 a.m.  The temperature is 
normally around 10 degrees.  It feels like a life time waiting for the 
sun to come up.  Your toes start to hurt, because of the cold.  After 
sitting in the stand for hours or even days, the buck you have been 
watching finally comes into view, your heart starts to race and your 
forget about your cold toes and fingers.  As the buck comes into gun 
range, you hope that your gun is still sighted in from when you checked 
it earlier in the season.  Now that you are looking at the deer through 
your scope you know that all the preparation for that moment is 
hopefully going to pay off.  As you prepare to make the shot and pull 
the trigger, it feels that you are pulling a car with your finger.  
Finally a crack rings out from your gun.  You know you hit your deer 
and you sit back, relax and reflect on the moment.


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