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Going Back (standard:other, 693 words)
Author: mOKHABARAtAdded: Jan 04 2003Views/Reads: 2084/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is about someone who had a....hope of going back to his childhood dreams, only he found out that not everything is as he left it........

Going Back 

At last I'm going back home. Back to the vast meadows which I grew up in
and spent my childhood running through, back to watching the sunset 
from that high cliff that gives you an overview of the vast blue ocean. 
Back to the simple life of the village and most important of all, back 
to waking up at dawn and watching the sun wake up to announce a new 

The plane landed and I headed for the hotel striving to keep myself from
jumping into a taxi and going to the mountains. Somehow I managed to 
convince myself that I needed some rest and that tomorrow will be a day 
for memories. The night seemed endless and I kept rolling around in 
that small room patiently awaiting the sun to rise, to set me free, to 
send me running with the wind through those fields with the smell of 
the morning dew filling my lungs. I fell asleep with those thoughts in 
my head, but no sooner than I did the sun rose, bright and shining in 
the sky announcing the beginning of the long awaited tomorrow. I 
dressed up, gobbled my breakfast and scrambled down the stairs for a 
taxi. It didn't take long, in a couple of minutes I was in the taxi and 
heading for the mountains. You can't imagine my excitement, my breath 
was at the speed of light and my heartbeat could be heard for miles, 
after thirty years I was going to see what I thought of as pleasant 
memory I was going back home!! 

Along the way I noticed the vast changes that had occurred in the area
but that didn't trouble me, everything changes. I told the taxi driver 
to drop me off beside the vast meadow where I used to run when I was a 
kid, and as we were approaching it I decided to close my eyes so that I 
wouldn't see it coming, I wanted to open my eyes and find it infront of 
me. Suddenly the taxi stopped and the driver announced that we were 
there. I got out of the car not daring to peep and stood facing the 
wind and prepared myself for the sight. I opened my eyes. 

WHAT!!!! Where's the meadow?? Where's the grass?? The smell of the dew??
How did these monstrous buildings get here?? What are those cars doing 
on my memory?? I stood there with my mouth open not daring to believe 
what my eyes were seeing. A heavy feeling crawled up to my heart and 
lay there, weighing it down. At last I managed to move my head and 
looked around, buildings surrounded me from every corner, I looked at 
the ground desperately hoping to see some earth but no, all I could see 
was the ugly concrete marring the beauty of the soil. And above all the 
noise, I could hear the faint cries of the earth desperately shouting 
for help hoping for someone to hear its cries. But what could I do?? 

I climbed back into the taxi and with a heavy heart asked the  driver to
take me to my next memory, the cliff that overviews the vast ocean, I 
wanted to see the colorful sunset to ease my pain. I wanted to make 
sure that I still had something of my past; after all, humans can't 
hurt the sun! 

As we approached the spot I could see that the cliff was still there, I
breathed a sigh of relief and a little of that weight eased off. I got 
out of the taxi and climbed down the cliff for my favorite spot and 
waited for the sunset. I didn't wait long before it arrived. But it 
wasn't red and orange! No, it was brown with shades of black smoke!! 
The humans have suffocated the sun!! They have killed my only surviving 
memory! I felt that my heart was about to burst into a million pieces 
and as the sun went down everything turned black. I looked up and saw 
that I was approaching a bright light that lay in the distance. 

Written by: Ghassan Awada 


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