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One Night (standard:horror, 782 words)
Author: jcrct7Added: Jan 15 2003Views/Reads: 2111/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Based On True Events

~One Night~ 

Written By Chris Wade (jcrct7) 

Based On True Events 

~It was about one thirty-four AM when I heard the voice.~ 

Whispering nothing to me.  My eyes shot open and frantically rolled in
all directions.  A sudden twist of fear wriggled through my stomach and 
I tasted vomit slightly.  I quickly shut my eyes and pulled the cold 
sheets over my head, attempting to tuck my head under the pillow at the 
same time.  Suddenly, I felt unprotected.  The sheets.  The pillow.  
The room.  The house.  All of them felt as though they disappeared and 
I felt alone, with no one to call out to.  to even think about.  Tears 
started to stream down my cheeks and soon a good portion of the pillow 
was damp.  I could barely breathe under that pillow.  The used, stale 
air circled around in the little breathing space I had.  The voice grew 
louder and meaner.  I thought I was about to die.  I don't know what 
the voice is, but I knew I was about to die. 

Then, the whispers stopped.  My eyes blinked open of faint surprize and
I listened harder to see if the voice only quietened.  It didn't.  It 
was truly gone.  I had to do something.  I had to.  What if the voice 
was gone, but it was still there, watching, waiting for something?  
Right when I made the horrible desision to lift up the sheets and make 
a panoramic look of my room, I heard a thump-thumping sound off to my 
right.  I froze.  The sound was soming from my desk.  Right beside me. 

I took all my courage and swallowed all my fear, and lifted the sheets
off my head.  My eyes widened at what I saw.  A wave of confusion came 
over me.  There was nobody, nothing inside my room. 

I looked over to my desk, from where the new and unusual sound was
coming.  My computer screen wobbled from side to side, making the awful 
thump-thump, thump-thumping, ringing through my ears.  Syncornizing 
with the beats of my heart.  At first, this sight was strange and yet 
another confusing piece to the horrific puzzle, but them, as if the 
voice telepathically told me, I knew instantly.  Someone, something hit 
it, almost to the point of it knocking over.  Fear crept through me.  
Through every crevice and corner of my body and I shivered greatly.  
Bumps came over my body (Although I would not know of it until later).  
I was suddenly cold, almost frozen.  My bed heater was set to ninety 
degrees, yet I was freezing.  Then it hit me, like a bomb that was 
three feet away.  The voice was in my prescence, or I was in it's. 

All of a sudden, I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  My TV has
a bear stuffed animal on the top and together, it makes a shadow 
against my closet doors.  I looked at the shadow in horror and a cry 
came from the depths of my soul.  I never made a big deal out of the 
shadow until tonight.  It looked like a body's shadow.  The bear on the 
TV set made the shadow's head.  And, the shadow's head moved.  I gasped 
just as my closet door was pushed in.  The shadow pushed my closet 
door.  The reaction caused the door to crack open.  A crevice of 
darkness had appeared from the door. 

Then, I blinked.  I shouldn't have.  But I did.  In less than a second,
a new terror had begun.  My lips trembled and I was in shock.  I 
uttered words, but I do not know what I said now that I recall this 
night.  There was a hand, a hand gripping the side of my closet door.  
It was deathly still, like a spider awaiting it's dinner.  I screamed 
and shut my eyes so tightly, it hurt.  The blackness of my eyelids 
became conforting to me.  My body suddenly relaxed.  I layed back down 
and covered myself with the warm bed sheets.  I opened my eyes.  I 
opened them to complete silence.  I was confused again.  I squinted at 
the computer screen.  Still as a rock.  I moved my eyes toward the 
closet.  It was closed.  No hand.  I heard nothing.  Nothing but the 
wizzing of my fan, set on the lowest power.  It was as if nothing in my 
room happened.  My eyes grew heavy and I gave a long yawn.  The time 
was one thirty-five AM.  One minute of total terror.  One minute... 

~This is just one night.  One night, one minute of horror.  This is just
one night.  There were many before.  There are many to come.~ 



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