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Young Heart (standard:poetry, 200 words)
Author: Lady_DestineeAdded: Jan 20 2003Views/Reads: 1709/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This poem is about an older woman in love with a younger man.

Young Heart 

He came to her like a whirlwind in the night, so young, and full of

His innocents were gone and his charisma was strong. 

The smile that he gave her, melted her cold heart, and a love was borne
she had fought from the start. 

At times, it all seemed like time had stood still, and life for her was
sometimes unreal. 

The love that was there was very strong, and she knew in her heart it
could not go on. 

She, young of heart, he, young of body, they both knew to well it could
not last, for time with them would surely pass. 

So the two lovers parted and went their own way, Both knowing in their
hearts, that they could not stay. 

She never forgot him nor did he her. For their love was as real as a new
kittens fur. 

Now when the blue moon is full, and they are alone, the images go
through their minds of a love that was strong and they know in their 
hearts that their love was not wrong. 

Then they both smile sweetly as memories flash by, Of the two lovers
that's love will never die. 


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