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WARNING (standard:other, 523 words)
Author: SareAdded: Jan 30 2003Views/Reads: 2137/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
There is a predator on the loose here. Protect yourself!

There is a person I know who fancies himself a man, believing that his
physical body and his age make him so.  But he isn't a man, at least 
not any longer, because (PSST!) he lost his balls in an unfortunate 
accident.  his girlfriend, you see, caught him with his fingers 
stroking another woman whilst whispering love in her own ear.  Instead 
of resorting to public humiliation of the sort he usually doles out, 
she took the liberty of snipping away the family jewels.  Not such a 
man now, is he? 

It shouldn't have been that surprising, really, when you consider that
he claims to be in love with his wife.  Fucking other women with his 
eyes firmly fixed on her and their past, protesting his position as an 
old and broken man.  But don't be fooled!  This man loves the pity and 
praise that he seems to scorn, and he thrives on the energy that women 
pour into him.  He needs to be loved - by as many women as he can 
string along at once, it seems.  He jokes about his wife turning in her 
grave but I imagine she turned away from him long ago.  This woman who 
loved him when he was young and honest would abhor the deceitful old 
man who lies and uses any means at his disposal to ensnare women and 
then discard them after using them for his pleasure. 

And so, women, beware.  He will touch you with knowing fingers, he will
whisper sweet words of love in your ear, he will act the part of the 
wounded man, and he will suck up every drop of sympathetic energy as 
you rush to fill his broken heart with all the love you can pour into 
it.  When he feels he has been wronged he will leap to his own defense; 
he will jump to the offensive with well-aimed missiles to your heart.  
But then he will reach for you, contrite, though never apologizing for 
his abuse.  And he'll claim as he's screwing you that he loves you, and 
when he is satisfied he will make another play for your pity, trying to 
cement your love with his lies.  But he will also remind you that you 
shouldn't love him, he will warn you that ‘this can't possibly last'.  
This is one of the few truthful things he will tell you, and you should 
heed his warning. 

Take that offered chance, and walk away from the lies.  You won't hurt
him, though he will claim it - he will claim mortal wounds, and lay a 
cloak of guilt about your shoulders.  But you needn't wear it.  There 
will remain lovers to comfort him, because only god knows how many have 
fallen under his spell. 

In any case be careful with the words you choose, lest he use them
against you, and be careful of how your mouth moves, because you don't 
know where that's been.  It's not just virtual std's that he might be 
passing around as he wildly sows his cyber oats, but cruelty and 
despair.  You won't find happiness with him, nor love.  Beware! 


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