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A Brisk Winters Piss (standard:poetry, 223 words)
Author: Prurient VirginAdded: Feb 12 2003Views/Reads: 1895/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Its a cold night out there, and this is a story of one fateful night.

"It's cold outside tonight," said the rejected puppy.  "Why do they have
to keep me outside tonight...everynight." 

The rejected puppy sighs, then sleeps.  It is indeed cold out there. 

"Wake up little puppy, wake up.  Tell me your name." 

"Who are you?" The cold puppy asked.  "I'm still cold." 

"It is indeed a cold night out here tonight." 

"Am I dreaming?" the saddened puppy asks. 

"Are you sleeping?" 

"I don't think so," the cute puppy responds. 

"Then you are not dreaming." 

"But why can't I see you?" The confused puppy responds. 

"Because I am not real." 

"What?" The puppy asks. 

"I come when it is cold, to warm the hearts of those lost in a

"What are you talking about?" The puppy asks, getting angry. 

"Do you feel the warmth I'm sharing?" 

"NO, IT IS STINKING COLD!  I AM COLD!!!"  The enraged puppy is livid. 

"Just open your heart little puppy, and you will be cold no more." 

puppy, was...well, insane. 

And so it went, the invisible voice and the tiny puppy, in their cold
debate on that cold night.  And sadly, it did not end well, as the cold 
puppy refused to accept the voice's warmth, and froze to death.  The 
family mourned for two days afterward.


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