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Nobody Knows (standard:mystery, 1874 words)
Author: T-DogAdded: Mar 04 2003Views/Reads: 2176/1394Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It's a story about the soul.

One night as she lay sleeping in her bed, her sub-conscious head, heavy
with visions, a story begins to reveal itself. 

They speak to each other about their truths and she challenges his
words.  She asks him, “What – what keeps you away?  She gently speaks.  
What is it – sweet thing?”  Her voice grows stronger and more sincere 
within the silence between them.  They speak to each other only with 
soft resistance.  She feels his emotions begin to cease up.  She asks 
again with her eyes fixed firmly on his loving face.  She sighs.  
“Please - tell me what stops you from following your heart?”  He stares 
with frustration and anger towards her as she continues to question 
him. He grows increasingly uncomfortable and struggles for something to 
do or say. 

She knows he can speak truthfully as she's looked into his eyes but he
can't seem to find it within himself to say what it is she asking of 
him. She repeats; “Please tell me, what stops you from following your 
heart?  What is it?  What are you afraid of?  What are you afraid to 
find?  – You can tell me – it's alright, it will be alright.”  As, the 
passion grows with the intensity of each question being asked over and 
over it comes to a point where she is relentless through her tears and 
cries for him to explain why it is that he can't answer her completely. 

She says it one more time and speaks loudly for ALL to hear – “What is
it that you are afraid of...”  And then, he begins to take a breath.  
She sits watching his lips purse in anticipation of his response, his 
face to her face, his eyes towards her eyes, they are soul to soul, and 
now the time is upon him, the moment of truth.  A sudden loud and 
powerful sound comes charging through her room as if someone has 
smashed something with great force. 

She's startled and gasps for breath, grabs the blankets and finds she's
been awakened.  She is sitting straight up in bed with darkness around 
her.  She's shaking and her heart is racing, afraid and unsure of 
what's going on and finds it still difficult to breathe.  She's 
troubled by the dream and afraid of why she is awake.  She lays back 
down thinking in waves of consciousness – “Will I ever really know the 
end to that dream and what could have made that loud crashing noise, is 
this real or am I still dreaming?” 

Her eyes begin to focus on a constant that hung on the wall outside of
her bedroom door for some time now.  It is the picture of the Japanese 
kanji character representing – “Love”.  She realizes that she is not 
dreaming anymore as her eyes are affixed on this one spot momentarily. 

She finds her heart still beating fast as she can't believe what just
happened and is too scared to know if something or someone was in her 
home.  She lay in her bed afraid to move or get up.  Her eyes are now 
dancing across the ceiling looking for something, someone to focus on.  
She finds her gaze coming back to the picture on the wall directly 
in-front of her. 

She begins to talk to herself in her head to try and calm herself down,
rationalizing that no one and nothing could possibly be in her home, 
but she's still not convinced.  She begins to take a quick mental 
inventory of something that perhaps she left somewhere in the home that 
could have potentially fallen.  She comes up with no reasonable 
explanation for the crashing sound. 

She still can't seem to find the courage to get up out of bed to ensure
that everything is exactly as it was before she laid herself down to 
sleep, in order for her to ease her troubled mind.  After laying there 
going over the dream in her mind and seeing the visions over and over 
and hearing the questions and intensity of it all flash through her 
mind - she's still trying to pick herself up, off the bed, to see what 
exactly it was that awoke her out of her dream if anything at all. 

She's been having a terrible time sleeping as the dark seems to keep her
up at night so she's trying to convince herself that perhaps she's just 
exhausted and hearing things.  After nearly an hour, since she can't 
keep her eyes closed and the idea of sleep is just that, only an idea, 
she finally pulls the covers down and turns on her amber light to clear 
out the darkness from her room. 

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