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SHERRY (standard:romance, 6951 words)
Author: CoopAdded: Mar 24 2003Views/Reads: 2577/1689Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Sherry is finding it difficult to juggle the fun and responsibilities of college life until she gets help from her roommate's cousin.


Sherry had one of her ‘explosions' and walked out of the dorm, angry and
crying.  She knew she was wrong but helpless against herself.  Tears 
were still in her eyes as she sat nursing her now cold coffee. 

Sherry had two great roommates.  They had hit it off from the start.  
They were different enough to compliment each other but alike enough to 
get along well.  Jan was her age and a freshman.  Amy was a sophomore. 

Classes began and they had to settle down to work.  Sherry had been a
good student in high school, but was finding college much harder than 
she had expected.  Study and testing was not that difficult but all the 
extra work that was required overwhelmed her.  She didn't deal well 
under constant pressure.  They all had hard times, but Sherry seemed to 
have the most difficulty controlling her frustration and often had 
‘explosions' that rattled her roommates.  Jan usually left the room 
when she saw things heating up, but Amy refused to leave.  She tried to 
talk to Sherry and help her to see that she needed to organize herself 
better and not play so much.  Sherry would agree to work on it, but 
there was little progress.  By the end of the semester her roommates 
had just about had it with her.  They hoped the Christmas break would 
release the tension and they could start the second semester better.  
Well, they were two weeks into the new semester and here they were 

When Sherry exploded and then walked out, Amy called her cousin, Jack. 
She had had a hard time her first semester and would have flunked out 
if Jack had not stepped in to speak for her.  He was a year older and a 
registered tutor.  The school allowed her to stay only under Jack's 
supervision.  If anyone could help Sherry, Any knew it was Jack; if she 
would accept his help. 

Jack was patient but firm and had helped a number of others.  Anxiously
she waited for Shelly to return.  She had told Shelly that her cousin 
had helped her get on track, but not the entire story.  It was a bit 
more embarrassing than she had been willing to admit.  But now, if Jack 
was going to work with Shelly,  . . . well, she would just wait and see 
how this first meeting came out. 

Jack saw Shelly in the last booth in the snack shop.  He took her cold
cup and walked over to put it in the microwave to reheat.  He brought 
it back and sat down across from her with his own coffee.   Shelly was 
surprised when her coffee was taken out of her hands.  She knew who he 
was, but didn't know him well and was surprised at his presence with 
her.  She looked up at his sympathetic face as he sat down.  Was it a 
coincidence or had her roommate called him.  He had helped her, maybe 
Amy had sent him.   She wasn't sure if she would be grateful or upset 
if that were true.  She wasn't clear about anything right now. 

His voice was calming as he talked about the game last night and the
coming play this weekend.  As she finally appeared to be relaxing, he 
lifted her chin with his fingertips and spoke directly to her. 

“Shelly, you need some help and I am willing to give it to you.  Amy has
told me about you and called me tonight to check on you and offer to 
give you some guidance.  You are driving your roommates crazy and 
causing considerable stress in your own life which will lead to health 
problems if it hasn't already.  You have shed enough tears now and it's 
time to talk about some changes.” 

“Do you realize you have a problem?” 

She could only nod her head and looked down at the table. 

“Do you want help?” 

“I think so.”  He could barely hear her. 

“Are you willing to listen to me and do as I say, even if you don't like

She hesitated at that. 

“You can go to the dean and talk to him about me.  I am on record as a

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