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For All Time (standard:romance, 1827 words)
Author: Lexus AngelAdded: Mar 25 2003Views/Reads: 2050/1279Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story about the tradgety of September 11th, and two people who love each other so much, they would die for each other.

For All Time -Lauren Alwine 03-20-0-03 

Rosemary Morgan woke up extra early on the beautiful morning of
September 11th, 2001. It was her fiancée, Xander's birthday and she 
wanted to surprise him. She placed a card beside him on his pillow with 
a poem she had written inside. She made his favorite breakfast and put 
a brand new watch beside his coffee. She wore the dress Xander had 
bought her and always loved on her. It was a short black dress that 
accented her slim figure. She was somewhat short with brownish-red hair 
and green eyes. 

Xander came downstairs just a few moments later. He was a tall and
muscular and his head was shaved. He had the most beautiful brown eyes 
that always drove Rosemary crazy. He picked her up and spun her around 
the room. “Good morning baby,” she said sweetly, “Happy birthday!” 
“Thank you sweetie. That was a beautiful card,” he replied. He kissed 
her and put her down. Then, he walked to the table and saw the watch 
Rosemary had given him for his birthday. She smiled when she saw his 
delighted expression. “Oh my God, baby, a watch? You are so good to 
me!” He kissed her again and thanked her. “No,” she replied, “Thank 
you, because you're so good to me!” 

They ate their breakfast together and talked about their plans for the
evening. They were going out to a small club nearby in Manhattan called 
Dimensions with a few of their friends. Including Xander's best friend, 
David, who he worked with, along with his wife, and also Rosemary's 
best friend, Lizzy. 

Soon, it was seven o'clock, and time for Xander to leave for work. He
worked as an accountant on the 42nd floor of the south World Trade 
Center Tower. “Good luck today, baby,” Rose told Xander as she kissed 
him goodbye. “Thanks gorgeous, you too.” “Happy birthday X!” She called 
as he was walking to his car. He paused for a moment, and although he 
wasn't quite sure why, he walked back to his fiancée. “Thank you,” he 
said, “And I want you to know that I love you with all my heart.” 
Rosemary smiled at him; “I love you too X, always.” He kissed her one 
last time got into his car, and drove off to work. 

Rosemary stood in the doorway smiling to herself. Normally, she would be
leaving for work in half an hour, but not today. The card and watch 
weren't even half of Xander's birthday present. She had also bought him 
a car. A Lexus SC430, what he always wanted. And she was going to the 
dealership to pick it up today. When Xander got off work at three 
o'clock, she would surprise him by picking him up in his new Lexus. And 
there, waiting for him in his seat would be a brochure for a cruise to 
Hawaii, where she would take him for a vacation. 

About an hour later, she decided it was time to leave to pick up
Xander's new car. When she arrived at the dealership, the man who had 
first shown her the Lexus greeted her. He was a tall young man with 
brown hair, and was always nice to Rosemary. “Hello Miss. Morgan. Here 
to buy that Lexus for your fiancée?” He asked as she got out of her 
car. “Yes I am, and how are you, Eric?” “I'm doing fine, thank you, 
Miss. Morgan.” “Oh lighten up Eric, call me Rosemary.” “You sure?” Rose 
stopped and looked at him smiling, “Come on Eric, it's not like we're 
strangers. Now, show me the goods.” “Right.” Eric led Rose to the 
beautiful silver Lexus he was holding for her. “God, that thing's 
gorgeous!” She said looking at it. “It sure is. Nicest car we got.” 
“Now that I believe.” She replied. “Well,” Eric said, “Here are your 
keys, Rose. And, you're leaving your car here for your friend to pick 
up right?” “Yep,” Rose replied, “Lizzy will be by to pick it up later. 
Will you hold the keys for me?” “Of course, I will. And I'm sure your 
husband will love your gift.” “He's not my husband, he's-” “You wait,” 
Eric said smiling, “you just wait.” “You think?” Rosemary asked 
excitedly. “I know.” Eric replied. “I hope so! Well, I better get this 
car home. I'll talk to you later Eric!” “Bye Rose! Have a nice day and 
have fun with your new Lexus!” “Thanks! Bye” 

It was a little after nine o'clock and Rosemary had just pulled up to
the house when her cell phone rang. She searched franticly through her 
purse until she found it. “Hello?” she said sweetly. “Rose! Rose! It's 
David,” the panic in his voice sent an icy chill up her spine, “Listen 
to me, the towers have just been hit by two planes. X and I made it 
down to the bottom floor, but he's hurt Rose. He's hurt bad. Rose, I 
don't know how long he's going to live.” Rosemary couldn't speak. She 

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