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What Has It Come To? (standard:poetry, 270 words)
Author: Akenshi DoeAdded: Sep 14 2000Views/Reads: 2690/6Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
What has this world come to that we can't do things like we used to?

It's sad to say, but in a wonderful way that everything is going away.
For better or worse, as the seeds disperse from a flower in the winter 
Like a firefly in the dark of night. Friends are gone. Chaos runs amok. 
No one says hi everyone says good bye. She says "I love you" He says 
"Fuck you". Hearts are broken and fields of unspoken beauty are gone, 
lost to life, liberty, and the pursuit of money. What has everything 
come to, that a person has to lose a life over their shoe. Dreams are 
shattered women are battered. Booze makes the man swing his hand, yet 
his children drink it. What has this world come to that person can't do 
something that normal people do just because they are different. For 
all we know we could be someone's pawns, playing a tiny part in 
someone's master plan Up could be down earth could be somone's mars Ed 
could be a girl's name. No one really knows, yet no one cares. Are we 
moving forward or are we behind schedule? We can either make this place 
as close to heaven or make it a second hell Lives are made everyday, 
yet they are taken away just as fast. We ignore people who need the 
most attention and give it all to those who need it less. Life is about 
being the superstar now, instead of the person who does the work The 
letters are there they just don't make any words. The tools are here we 
just have to get up and use them. So, who's gonna get up?


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