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The Easter Fiasco (youngsters:fairy tales, 1181 words)
Author: timsterAdded: Mar 29 2003Views/Reads: 3474/1756Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Is Easter in danger this year?

The Easter Fiasco 

Every year the Easter Bunny visits many of the children in the world
bringing them colorful pastel baskets.  Children decorate their hard 
boiled eggs in many different ways.  The leave them out on the eve 
before Easter and the Easter Bunny hides them.  There are times they 
are hidden so well they turn up a few months later.  An unknown fact 
about the Easter Bunny is that she is a girl.  Her name is Pat. 

Pat and her band of bunnies live in a remote area of the Rocky
Mountains.  Many years ago they lived in the Alps, but Europe became to 
crowded and it began to interfere with their operation.  There were 
plenty of natural materials in the Rockies to continue to make the 

Their closest neighbor lived a few miles from them.  His name was Angus.
 He has lived here for ten years with his dog Clyde.  They were very 
happy there living off the land.  Rarely, did they see the bunnies. 

One March day Angus was outside splitting some wood when Pat came
hopping by.  Angus rarely had seen Pat in all the years he had lived 
there and thought is was a bit odd.  She hopped over to Angus and asked 
him if he had seen one of her bunnies.  He told her no but would keep 
an eye out for her.  She thanked him and hopped away. 

Angus finished splitting the wood and decided that he and Clyde would go
take a look around.  They went to the north side of the property and 
searched for tracks.  The only tracks they found were raccoon tracks.  
It was starting to get dark so they went home. 

Pat also had no luck in locating Darlene.  She came back to the ranch to
see if she had come back.  Darlene did not come back and now Pat was 
worried because it was getting dark.  She would set out again in the 

Pat took two other bunnies with her on the search.  Their names were
Kathy and Dotty.  That was all she could spare being it was getting so 
close to Easter.  She sent Dotty to the east end of the ranch and Kathy 
to the southern end.  Pat would take the west end.  They agreed to meet 
back at the entrance of the ranch around three o'clock. 

Angus also thought he would spend the day looking around.  All of his
chores were pretty much caught up and anyway Clyde could use the 
exercise.  The two headed off to the north. 

The rest of the bunnies were very busy making the baskets for the big
day coming up. 

Pat had no luck in her search that day and made her way back to the
entrance.  Kathy was there waiting for her.  She also had no luck.  
They would wait for Dotty to see if she found anything. 

Angus and Max also didn't find any bunny tracks, only raccoon.  Angus
thought that was a bit strange because he normally would see some 
squirrel and bunny tracks too.  He headed home wondering what happened 
to Darlene. 

Pat and Kathy waited until dark and went back to the ranch.  They looked
around and Dotty was no where to be found.  Pat knew that Dotty was 
afraid of the dark and wouldn't stay out so late.  She was very 

At first light Pat was at Agnus's house.  She told him that another
bunny was missing.  He asked her what direction that bunny went and Pat 
told him east.  Angus suggested they concentrate their search there.  
She agreed so Pat, Kathy, Angus and Clyde went off in that direction.  
To cover more ground they split off into three different groups.  They 
would meet back at three o'clock. 

Angus and Max found a set of bunny tracks and began to follow them. 
Then for no apparent reason they just stopped.  They scouted the area 
and found nothing else. 

Pat was waiting by the entrance as Angus and Clyde walked up.  He told
her of the tracks and how strange it was on how they disappeared.  The 

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