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The Love of My Life. (standard:other, 430 words)
Author: Dj MYCAdded: Apr 07 2003Views/Reads: 2703/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is just my thoughts of an girl that I know and love.

A/N: This is something I would not normally do but please believe
whatever I write in this because everything here is true. Thanks. You 
guys do not have to review because this goes out to a special someone. 

The love of my life. 

By: Dj MYC 

I knew it was love when I first talked to her. I still remembered how I
felt when she called me. At that time I was already involved but yet I 
fell in love. My girlfriend, at that time, gave her my number. We had 
met over the internet and you know what they say about internet dating. 
I really didn't care but I was not sure of my feelings for her yet, but 
when she called me that confirmed it; I was in love, not a crush but 
the real thing. 

It's now been well over a month, at least I think. We would talk on the
phone for hours. Never have I gotten bored or wanted to hang up. Many 
nights I would stay up and reminisce about our conversation. We would 
talk about nothing in general just freely. She already knows my 
feelings towards her but yet she had not returned them. I cannot say 
that I am un-happy that she did return my feeling but I am not happy 
either, I guess the feeling's neutral. But knowing that she exists in 
this world makes me happy and I would envy the person that captures her 
heart, for I shall never want her un-happy. Even if she is just a 
friend to me I am glad having her in my life. 

In my life time so far I have never fell in love until I met her. I had
crushes, that I had, and girlfriends but I fell in love with them after 
we became a couple but not with her, she does not feel the same way yet 
I love her. I would give my life for her without a second thought. I 
guess what I'm trying to say is that she basically is my life. I have 
never thought something like this would get this far, I feel as if I 
can't live without her. If you are reading this then I want you to know 
one thing and that one thing is: I love you, Koishii. I may move on 
sooner or later but I shall never forget you, never in my life and I 
hope you will remember me because I know I will never forget you. 

Aishiteru.  Wo Ai Ne.  I love you. 

Sincerely: Dj MYC 


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