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Back to You. (standard:romance, 1006 words)
Author: Dj MYCAdded: Apr 07 2003Views/Reads: 2053/1217Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
How a boy missed an Opportunity of an life time and how he may have a chance of getting it back.

A/n: You know who you are and you know that I love you. Please don't
ever leave me; I don't know what I'll do. Thanks for reading . . .  
-Peace out! 

Back To You. 

There she is, walking out the gates of her front yard to her two story
house. I can hardly believe it has been two years. Two years since I 
have seen those coffee brown eyes, that silky gold hair, that gorgeous 
smile, those rosy cheeks, that sad look. It had been two years since I 
moved away from here, two years since I last saw her, two years since 
she told me she loved me, two years since I broke her heart. 

I was confused at the time. I was so young; around fourteen or fifteen.
I just couldn't take my best friend, since childhood; say that she fell 
in love with me. She told me because I was moving leaving her forever 
maybe. I had planned to keep in touch but after that ‘conversation' I 
just couldn't. Why must I be so scared, why must I be so dumb. For 
months I blamed my father for wanting to move for the money. But I soon 
realized it was me it was my fault. I cannot blame father for something 
he never did. Father only wanted the best for us two. You see after my 
mother died I was left with only my father. I had no siblings which 
made it easier for us two to survive. 

I would not be surprised if she hated me, if I was her I would. Now
maybe after all these years I'll finally be able to tell her how I 
really feel but . . .  will she still return those feeling she once 
held for me? I'll never know until I ask so I guess this is it. It's 
time to confront my long lost love, yes love. I had fallen for her 
after I had left; summing up all the things we did together I realized 
that I . . . loved her back. Not really knowing what I was doing I 
started towards her. Looking over her again I realized how much she 
hadn't changed. Her golden shoulder length hair ,as I remembered, was 
now up to the small of her back and her hair, was now more of a honey 
color (making her more beautiful then ever, if I may add) besides that 
nothing really changed. She's still as beautiful as ever. 

I say ‘Hello!' she turns around. Her face shows an expression of shock,
glee and anger. I could tell she is having trouble believing I am 
actually here, because as she returned the greeting she stammered. I 
smile seeing her blush, maybe she still likes me. I said guessed I 
can't be too sure, not after what I did. We have been out here for 
hours; just sitting on the sidewalk, in front of her house, talking 
about the past and the present. I asked what happened after I left. She 
sighed and hung her head low. Knowing that it wasn't very pleasant from 
the way she looked. I have to ask her, I don't want to push her into 
telling me but I really need to know. To my surprise she started 
talking. As I listened my face expressions changed dramatically from 
shock to embarrassment to pity. Turns out that after I left she never 
dated. She would, most nights, cry herself to sleep. I ask myself: Did 
I really mean this much to her? What really made me want to beat myself 
up was that today, for the first time in two years, she was actually 

I think I may have killed her and by coming back here I brought her back
to life. What have I done to her!? So for the majority of the morning 
we talked, nothing in general, just talked. Half way through our 
conversation she offered to walk me to school; I have never seen her so 
happy. We walked for blocks and during this time I've been trying to 
think of a way to make it up to her, to repay her for what I did. 
Having no idea I ask her if there was anything she wants from me. From 
aside she shakes her head no, but for some reason I knew she wanted 
something. I stopped walking, confused and curiosity floods her as she 
stops besides me to ask what was wrong, before she had a chance I ask 
her if she'll ever forgive me. She says yes but on one condition. I ask 
her what it was and she shocks me with her answer. She said she'll 
forgive me if I make her my girlfriend. 

And that I did. 


You know the old saying 'You can be whatever you set your mind to,' well
that    ain't true . . . 

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