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Valentines (standard:Fan Fiction, 2952 words)
Author: Dj MYCAdded: Apr 07 2003Views/Reads: 2159/1385Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Misty has an secret admirer who can it be? She gets a note which leads her to happieness or not? Pokemon Romance/Mystery

Disclaimer: I don't own anything besides the story line. 


By: Dj MYC 

<Misty's POV.> 

Misty stirred as the morning sun caressed her face. At first she just
sat there in bed. Ever since Ash defeated the Johto league; Misty 
stayed with him. Their life long companion: Brock, left soon after the 
leagues and returned to his home in Pewter. Over the years on her quest 
with Ash; she developed a crush for him, or that was what she though at 
first. Soon after Misty couldn't stop thinking about him. Soon that 
crush turned to love. 

Seeking a way to tell Ash, she came over a plan: On Valentines Day she
will declare her love to him and despite of her fear of rejection; she 
knew she had to tell him sooner or later.  But that was months ago and 
now it has been long forgotten. But one thing she can't seem to forget 
is that today; was that Valentines Day. 

Stirring around the guest room she noticed, pinned on the dresser next
to her bed, a note. Curiously she pulled the pin off and almost 
instantly the note fell into her lap. ‘What?' she asked herself. 
Opening the folded piece of paper she read: 

^Dear: Misty. 

I am aware today Valentines Day. For awhile I adored you, either from
far away or up-close you are my angel. Today I will make your dreams 
come true, and tell you “I love you” now follow these step that I have 
inscribed to find you're awaiting Love. 

Signed: Anonymous^ 

Misty blushed after reading this. ‘Oh my' thinking for awhile she
studied the note one more time. ‘Oh who could it be? Wait! It did say 
{I will make your dreams come true} could it be Ash?' She let's out a 
sigh ‘what am I thinking; Ash could never be romantic! Though sometimes 
I wish he was.' “Wait a minute!” this time she said out load. “Didn't 
who ever wrote this said there was some steps of finding out who this 
was from” Looks all over the note but finds nothing “What the...” 

Confused; she gets out of bed, gathering her stuff she heads for the
shower. Soon after showering and doing her morning business in the 
bathroom; she exited and headed for her room. Upon arriving; she 
noticed next to her door was a bouquet of flowers. Knowing it was for 
her she picked it up. The flowers were breath taking she thought; the 
bouquet was filled with Violets, Daisies and Lilies. Wait a minuet. 
‘Violets, Daisies and Lilies huh!' she had a clue on who this mystery 
person was. 

“Ha! Quit joking with me. I know it's you guys, Lily, Daisy and Violet!
Just trying to get hopes up huh” she said, but not really convinced 
herself. After thirty seconds have passed and still no answer she 
sighed and took the flowers in her room. Setting the bouquet on the 
table Misty noticed another note. Picking it up, she curiously read: 

^Dear: Misty 

This will be the fist step, there will be 3 in all but follow them in
order and it will lead you to me. I hope you enjoy. Step#1: Go to the 
kitchen for a ‘LOVELY' surprise. Look inside the ‘LOVELY' surprise to 
find the next step! That will be all until the second clue is reached. 
Luv u. 

P.s.: I'm not your sisters. ^ 

“What the... how did he/she know about my sisters?” 

Curious for what's instored for her; Misty climbs down the stairs and
heads for the kitchen. She arrived in the kitchen to find...nothing! 
‘Huh' she was yet surprised to find it empty. Actually where is 

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