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Timmy and the Easter Egg (standard:other, 2365 words)
Author: Pitter PatAdded: Apr 16 2003Views/Reads: 2237/1180Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An Easter story about an Easter egg, a lady, a farmer, and a little boy named Timmy.

WHOA! What a feeling! It feels like someone just blew my insides out!
Wait a minute... someone just did! How dare that sweet old lady who 
picked me up out of the barnyard blow my insides out! This egg had big 
plans. Momma Duck was proud of me and told me I would make the biggest 
and best omelet the farmer had ever tasted. I wanted to make her proud. 
Now I'm nothing but an old brown shell. 

Wait a minute. That tickles. Ya, ya, that spot over there. Ohh... That
feels so good. What is she doing to me? I hope she continues. It feels 
like she is putting something on me. It smells like that stuff the 
farmer put on the shed yesterday. I think they called it paint. 
Whatever it is, it feels velvety smooth and warm on my shell. 

COOL! She just painted eyes on me. Now I can see so much better. What a
sweet smile this lady has. Hey, I can see myself in her glasses. She 
has painted beautiful curly swirls of purple, blue, and green to look 
like hair and the most beautiful brown eyes. They look just like her 

What's that? She just gave me tiny ears; I can hear things so much
better now. What a beautiful voice, she is singing, “A-maz-ing grace, 
how swee-t the sound...” How right she is, her voice is the sweetest 
sound I've ever heard. 

What is she doing now? Oh! I have a nose. It's small and round. I can
smell the paint much better now. I hope I won't smell like this 
forever, I stink. 

BANG! What was that? The farmer peered over her shoulder. “Breakfast is
going to be late again?” he asked smiling. “That has to be your 
prettiest egg yet.” I could feel the big smile she was painting on my 
face come to life. 

“Yes, this is a very special egg. It will be for little Timmy. As for
your breakfast, it will be worth waiting for. The insides of this egg 
will make a lot of your favorite omelet.” 

I quickly looked to direction she had nodded and saw a pretty flowered
the bowl with my insides in it. HURRAY! I can still make Momma Duck 
proud by being the biggest and best omelet the farmer has every had! 

I barely noticed as she dabbed an extra spot of purple paint to cover
the small hole in the top of me. 

“I'll let it dry before I write Timmy's name on it and put a small note
for him into the bottom hole. Breakfast will be ready before you know 

I watched as the lady quickly made my insides into a big omelet. She
sprinkled small bits of ham on my insides, chunks of fresh onion, a 
dash salt, two dashes of pepper, and lots of freshly grated cheese.  
After it was finished, she and the farmer sat at the table eating the 
omelet and admired me. I felt so special.  When the farmer had finished 
and got up to leave, he gave his wife a big kiss and told her I was the 
best omelet he had ever eaten. I blushed with pride. I wish Momma Duck 
were here and could have heard the farmer thought I was the best omelet 
and the prettiest eggshell. 

The pretty lady did the breakfast dishes then returned to finish me. She
touched up my paint in a couple of places and wrote TIMMY in big deep 
purple letters across my back. She took a small purple piece of paper, 
carefully wrote something on it, and slowly pushed in into my open hole 
leaving the note sticking out just a tiny bit so someone could pull it 
out again. 

She then moved me to the freezer top where, to my surprise, there were
many more blown and painted eggs. They had brilliant colors of red, 
yellow, orange, blue, green, and purple, but I could tell why the 
farmer thought I was the prettiest. I had special swirls and a face 
much more realistic looking than any other.  I tried to say hi to a 
couple of the eggs beside me, but they would not answer me. What a 
stuck up bunch of shells. 

Time went quickly and soon it was evening.  The farmer returned, came
over to the freezer, and inspected all of us eggs. When his kind 

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