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Fantasy Firm (standard:humor, 1001 words)
Author: LincolnAdded: Apr 27 2003Views/Reads: 1840/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Mr. Reza wanted to have fun. But some thing else was waiting for him.

When my classmate Rashed informer me that Reza Bhai was back, I was
really very happy. For last one week Reza Bhai was not at his house 
without any notice. Rashed also informed that Reza Bhai was not at his 
real self, he looked rather a shadow of the person we knew. Of course 
he can be true. For last few days Reza Bhai was working really hard to 
gain body fitness. The last time I saw him, he was running in his red 
truck suit. When I asked him, why are you running so early in the 
morning? In reply he said, I need to increase my stamina, while panting 

Since I was so eager to know where he had been for last one week, I did
not waste time to meet him after the school. I went straight to his 
house. He opened the door. Yes, Rashed was right. Reza Bhai is really 
sick. He has become thinner. He even cannot walk properly. He is 
feeling pain in every step. With the help of a stick he managed to sit 
on his bed. He asked me for a glass of water. 

I become even more curious to know what happen. I asked him, what
happen? Did you have an accident? 

He did not answer. He started trembling in unknown fear. Then he asked
me in a low queried voice, ‘Have you ever hard of ‘Fantasy Farm'? ‘No' 
‘Thank God, He just speared your life' He then puts a pillow behind his 
back and started telling me his story. 

I think you know my friend Rafat. I have heard about ‘Fantasy Farm' from
him. He had heard from his another friend. One-day Rafat's friend went 
to ‘Fantasy Farm'. It is a large farmhouse on a 50-acre of land near 
Savar. It has poultry, fishing, and cattle breeding facilities like any 
other such farmhouses. But ‘Fantasy Farm' is different from other farms 
for one reason. It has a ‘Fun house'. A round well protected area for 
different shorts of funny games. There is even sitting facilities for 
spectators to enjoy the games in the fun house. It is like a mini 
indoor stadium. 

Rafat's friend went to the farm and participated in the fun game. It was
so simple. He bought a ticket with Tk. 20. He was given a black dress 
and a black bag, and asked to find eggs in the fun house in a 
stipulated time of two minutes. Eggs were hidden under the sands of the 
house. He could manage to find 11 eggs in the stipulated time. 

In the next week Rafat went to the farm to participate in the fun game.
This time he was given a yellow dress and given a stipulated time of 
ten minutes to catch as many as hens as he can. Rafat was not ready for 
something like this. He tried his best to catch a hen but failed. The 
audience applauded him for his great effort though. It was great fun 
for the spectators. 

After that Rafat informed me about the ‘Fantasy Farm'. I thought it was
a great opportunity for me. If I visit the farm I can get valuable 
knowledge about farming as well as take the chance of winning something 
in the fun house as bonus. So I had started training for this purpose. 
In order to enhance my stamina I started running in the morning and 
drinking milk. When my performance was satisfactory, I had decided to 
go to the fun house. 

I took my cousin and went to the farmhouse last Friday. I was worried if
I miss the fun game. When our car reached the farm nearly twenty people 
surrounded it. I jumped out from the car and went straight to the 
office to buy a ticket. The man at the office was visibly very happy to 
give me a ticket. He could not hide his joy. He thanked me for saving 
the show for the day by taking part in the fun game. There are a lot of 
spectators but no participant, he explained. The people who were 
waiting outside the fun house pored into the gallery when they saw me 
buying a ticket. It was amazing. 

I was given a red dress and a red large bag. I was fully prepared for
the show. When I entered the house all the spectators gave me a huge 
cheer and clap. The door was closed behind me. I felt like a hero. I 
waved my hands in response to their enthusiasm and support. I was more 
than eager to start my game. I have prepared for this moment, to find 
eggs or catch a hen. 

But alas! What was that!! There were no eggs. There were no hens to
catch. But two vicious bulls!! Staring at me with red eyes. Those bulls 
were really angry. They were hitting the ground with their hoops. Hot 
wind was blowing through their nostrils. My heart just stopped beating. 
I could hear cheers from all around. Over everything else, I could hear 
the loud laughter from the guy at the ticket booth!! 

There was no moment to waste as the larger one of the bulls started
running towards me. First of all I tried to act like a bullfighter by 
waving the red bag in my hand. But those were no Spanish bulls. They 
don't even watch TV! They don't even follow any rules!! I ran for my 
life, ran all through the fun house. I cannot tell you how many times 
the bull hit me, as I have never counted. I don't know how I could 
manage to pull off the red dress from my body to divert the bull's 
attention from me. Thanks for my stamina and running practice for a 
week that I am still alive. I have been in the hospital for last one 
week. God is great. Reza Bhai started trembling in fear again and asked 
for another glass of water. 


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