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Ghosts do frighten (standard:Ghost stories, 1701 words)
Author: LincolnAdded: Apr 27 2003Views/Reads: 2329/1372Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I met an unusual ghost who threatened me.

Do you believe, ghosts frighten? I used not to believe in ghosts. But
now I believe. Ghosts not only frighten but also threaten. Let me tell 
you the story. 

It was about 3 in the morning, dark, misty, chilly and foggy night. I
have just returned back from Bandarban by a night coach. The conductor 
of the bus requested me not to attempt to return back to my house. He 
was laughing. Telling me, “Sir, you better wait in our bus counter till 
the sun rise. It will not be a good idea to try to go at this our. Know 
one knows what is waiting.” Being a very reasonable person, I asked 
him, “Do you mean the muggers?” He replied, “May be or may not be”. 
“What do you mean? I am afraid of no mugger. I am not expecting them at 
the middle of this cold winter night. Somebody needs guts to get out 
from the bed at this our.” “Well, sir! You may not like it, but people 
like to tell different stories. Remember that it's the darkest night of 
the month. Time is not right. Different beings venture at night. Be 
careful”. I was surprised by the words of the bus conductor. What did 
he think of me? I am no child. I laughed at him. “You are trying to 
frighten me by fabricating ghost stories, how funny! Thank you for your 
concern anyway. If I meet any ghost or anybody I shall let you know. 
Now, good buy. Do not feel worried about me. Roads are empty. If I walk 
quickly, I expect to reach my home in about a half an hour, I know 
several shortcuts”. 

The bus conductor nodded his head. He looked worried though. 

I took my small luggage and start walking. The roads are empty. Only
some inter district busses are passing after a long break. Streetlights 
are splashing their yellow lights. There are no sings of any human or 
transport anywhere. This year winter is really cold and prolonged. Sky 
is dark. No signs of star anywhere. I think there is cloud in the sky, 
though I could not see, as it is foggy. Dense fogs are surrounding me. 
Some time visibility is so low, hardly ten feet in fornt of me can be 
seen. Only the places where the streetlights are on, are shining, other 
areas are looking very dark and mysterious. 

After walking some time I entered in a dark lane, one of the shortcut
for my home. The lane is narrow. The road is not in the best of 
conditions. There are holes here and there. I have to walk very 
carefully, wish I had a torch. 

Oh my god! What is that!! Two small red lights just flashed about twenty
feet in front of me. What could it be? I just stop walking. My heart 
starts pumping harder and harder. Now I am pretty sure that those are 
no lights, those are two vicious eyes staring at me. I started sweating 
under my jacket in the hard cold. I could not move as the lights 
started to come towards me. What could I do? Should I shout? 

Suddenly a voice said from my right, “Don't be afraid, its' only a cat”.
I turned my head towards right and found nobody. I must be crazy. “Who 
is it? I cried at a loud voice”. “People are sleeping, do not shout. 
You are a cowered, I thought you are a courageous person”. 

Now somebody is talking but I cannot see him. I gathered myself. All my
fears are immediately gone. I said in a clear voice, “Come in front of 
me, and show me your face. Do not try to be clever. Remember I have a 
black belt in Karate!” “Oh really, you have a black belt in karate and 
you were so frighten of a mere cat a minute ago. People are like that, 
they see a cat and assume ghost. We the innocent ghosts get all the 
blames”. “Ghost! You mean, you are a ghost? I am talking to a ghost !!” 
“Yes, off course, I am a ghost! That's why you cannot see me. I am 
standing right beside you. Do you like to see me?” “Please do not 
frighten me. Do not show me your ferocious face, I might just faint”. 
“He cried, ferocious face? What makes you think that I have an ugly 
face? This is a false propaganda by people. Most ghosts are not ugly. 
Well, excuse me. I think my face is better looking than your's. Just 
let me show my face. You can judge for yourself” 

The empty mist in front of me slowly turned into a young man. He is
tallish, wearing a jacket and trousers. I looked at him holding my 
breath. Cold sweat went down from my forehead. But it was not 
frightening. An innocent looking young man of my age is looking at me 
enquiringly. He is clearly annoyed. He puts his fingers into his 
trouser's pocket and shaking his head asked me, “well what do you think 

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