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Mansion (standard:Ghost stories, 13516 words)
Author: darkstorytellerAdded: May 10 2003Views/Reads: 2104/1542Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Mansion is actually my screenplay for a hopefully upcoming movie of mine. Its about a man named Derek Helton who brings a group of people over to a large house named Ruth mansion,built by wealthy Victor Ruth and his family. The house has a darkened past.

Mansion Script 

-Opening Credits. All is quiet. The wind is whistling against the dead
trees. Fades out. Fades in,we see our first shot of the mansion and its 
garden,looking beautiful. We fade to black once again. (Eerie music 
starts playing slowly,getting slightly louder) We are in a room,but we 
cant tell until a candle is litten. Most of it's surroundings are dark. 
Title "Mansion" appears with an eerie effect of fading in and out. 
After the title dissapears,the casts names are shown. As its shown,the 
camera zooms in slowly to the candle. Getting closer and closer. As the 
cast is done bieng displayed,we see an image in the candles fire,as 
were close enough to make the whole screen filled with the candles 
fire,the image gets clearer until the image is completely seeable. Its 
the mansion seen before,only now its a beatup old castle with rotting 
plants in the garden. It still looks beautiful in a gothic way,as its 
covered with vines,and surrounded by dead trees,and normal trees. 

EXT-TOWN-NIGHT A birds eye view shot of the town,a few of the houses
with lights on,with only some streetlights accompaning. The camera is 
focused on one house,we get closer. 

INT-ROOM-NIGHT We are now inside a room of the house. We linger from the
fireplace,on top are some pictures of a man and his wife. We linger 
further and see the same man on the photos sleeping on a couch with 
papers on the table next to him. 

EXT-DREAM-DAY We are taken into a dream hes having. A cross is seen. In
a cemetery. It seems to be the only one there. Flash of a photo of him 
and his wife. Zoom into the cross at normal speed. It reads Marian 
Helton. The letters bleed. 

INT-ROOM-NIGHT He wakes up in a cold sweat. His name is Derek Helton. He
looks around the room aware that it was just a dream. He takes a deep 
breath,and gets up,and picks up his papers off the table and shuffles 
them in his hands. On the front is a picture of the mansion,Derek 
stares for a few seconds,and puts his papers down. Goes towards the 
fireplace and looks up at the pictures of him and his. 

Derek: "Marian..." 

-He puts the fire out,and walks to his bedroom. It is 2:22 in the
morning,and goes to bed in his room. Derek is a lonely man who lost his 
wife by a brutal car accident. 

EXT-TOWN-DAY -An overhead shot of the town. Kids are seen playing,while
the neighbours mow the lawn. The sky is partially clouded,with some 
blue showing. Shot of street,pan up to a nice looking two story 
house,with a little garden next to it,and a small backyard. 


-The girl who owns the house is Monica,a beautiful woman in her mid
20's. She is on the phone with her friend Sarah. 

Monica: "So Sarah,when are you going to be there?" 

Sarah: "Sometime this afternoon. And you?" 

Monica: "Around there. Have you even seen this place?" 

Sarah: "No,not yet. I heard the locales were afraid of it." 

Monica: "Why?" 

Sarah: "Oh,just some old story. That the house is haunted or something."

Monica: "Isnt that why were going there? Because everybody whos been
there had an odd feeling about the house? That our professor wants to 
study it?" 

Sarah: "Yeah,pretty much." 

Monica: "Hmmm...Well,anyway,I have to clean my house up before I go
later,so I'll see you there okay?" 

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