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Sweet Recollections (Part I) (standard:romance, 7441 words)
Author: arunoviaAdded: May 10 2003Views/Reads: 2268/1648Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
If all my feelings are true, then by some miracle she will definitely come across this page one day in her life. And when it happens I will feel happy that she knew what I felt about her. And with that my whole life will gets completed .............

Sweet Recollections ( Part I ) 

S Arun Prasad Tamilnadu/India 

If all my feelings are true, then by some miracle she will definitely
come across this page one day in her life. And when it happens I will 
feel happy that she knew what I felt about her. And with that my whole 
life will gets completed ............. 

Sometimes it's hard to digest. Well said - Reality Bites. 

  " Come on Durgesh. Rush up ". I shouted as it is already getting late.
The bus is standing outside and we were trying to board our final stuff 
into the bus. We were on our final year college tour. Since our luggage 
was very heavy we drove the bus near to my room. All the day scholar 
girls were already inside the bus. Though they were only 6 of them by 
number, but their presence counts so much to us. Our total class 
strength was 47 out of which 16 were girls. Out of these 5 were day 
scholars and rest are hostlers. 

  Both Durgesh and myself are trying to convince our class for a tour in
the last 18 months. Every time we try to formulate a plan and submit in 
front of the class, some will oppose. When all accept, our HOD ( Head 
Of the Department) will frown, and if luckily he admits, our biggest 
foe Principal will never permit. 

  There are also other matters to be considered while conducting a tour
such as the fees. In fact that's the main reason for our so long delay. 
With very little class strength (normally a local tourist bus will 
accommodate 55 to 60, but our class strength is only 47) we have to 
make all the students to come for the tour. Otherwise the fee per head 
will increase proportionally and in turn further more students will 
hesitate to come. In a situation like this, each and every person 
counts. But the local girls hesitated to come for a tour. Losing 5 
students is a big deal for us. 

  Finally our stars seem to work out. Except two, all the rest 45 agreed
for the tour. One of the two that didn't turnout was a  handicap. In 
spite our efforts to convince him, he didn't wish to come. Another one 
was an other state student. He is a rough and tough kind of person and 
we thought it's safe not to compel him. 

  We planned a three day tour, covering some tourist places in our
state. Our new two temporary staffs Chandra Prabha and Tamilpaavai 
agreed to accompany us. HOD won't allow us unless we were accompanied 
by at least two staffs. But we never liked Tamilpaavai. In our state 
language 'Paavai' means a beautiful girl. But in reality she is 
entirely opposite. She never treats the students politely and frowns at 
everyone all the time. 

  Earlier we went to Kalaivani's house. Durgesh drove the bike in front,
and the bus followed the route. All the 5 day scholars and Chandra 
prabha (staff) were gathered in her house as planned and we picked 
them. Actually we stopped the bus few feet before Kalai's house. So 
they all walked except Muthu (her full name is MuthuLakshmi - let's 
call her Muthu) and Roopa. Both were thick friends as far as I know. 
Muthu and Roopa came by their Maruthi car accompanied by Muthu's sister 
and father. That was the first time I saw Muthu's family. Her sister 
was somewhat lean when compared to her. 

  After boarding local girls we went to my room. I rented a room outside
college in the past 3 years as I don't like hostel. When we reached, 
Aravind and Harish, who used to be my friends in those days, were busy 
in packing the luggage. Just for formality sake I welcomed Chandra 
Prabha to my room. But she avoided with a smile. My street is in a 
remote area and nearby houses were surprised to watch a rare scenario 
of a bus in their street. 

  After that we went to Durgesh' house. Here I have to say something
about Durgesh. He is our class representative and my close friend. We 
used to do things in common and we took the tour arrangement in spirit, 
of course joining hands with Aravind and Harish. Both Aravind and 
Harish were also closer friends of me, at least till the tour. 

  Durgesh came with his luggage bags after shouting at his sister Vidhya

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