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Persecuted Church (letter to believers) (standard:other, 1054 words)
Author: A.M. SneadAdded: May 10 2003Views/Reads: 2211/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
More Christians have died for their faith in this century than in all of history...

There seems to be an issue that has been overlooked- or possibly
ignored- within the Body of Christ here in America.  I feel the Lord 
leading me to write this, and I pray it will not be ignored or its 
importance down played and pushed aside. 

In countries all over the world, our brothers and sisters are suffering
severe persecution.  Old news?  It should never become Old News to 
anyone claiming the name of Christ.  The Word tells us- "And whether 
one member suffer, all the members suffer with it."  We are all part of 
one body, and each and every part is important and to be cared for.  
But no member of the Body of Christ should be forgotten or pushed to 
the back of our minds.  Because I guarantee you, Christ has not 
forgotten the persecuted ones. 

We, in this country, have become accustomed to an easy life.  We have
our trials, and even our persecutions, but it in no way compares to 
what Christians in those countries are suffering through.  How many of 
us wake up each morning wondering if we will be required to die for 
Christ this day?  Any of us?  Do we really even know what true 
persecution is?  I doubt it.  And we can't, until we taste our own 
blood on our lips from being beat for our faith, or are facing down the 
dark caverns of a gun barrel as we're forced to make a crucial 
decision- Deny Christ or die. 

As a whole, the Christians in America have become lax in their duties to
their fellow believers.  When was the last time you sent up a prayer 
for a persecuted Christian?  When was the last time you took a moment 
and really thought about what life must be like in a filthy, cold 
prison cell, every muscle and bone in your body aching from beatings 
and torture, your mind being assaulted by doubts and fears, wondering 
if God really does know you're there?  Wondering if anyone knows you're 
there, and if there is even a single prayer going up for you?  When was 
the last time?  Or was there ever a time when you thought about it? 

It is time we quit convincing ourselves that a couple nights a week in a
church building is sufficient for our Christian walk.  It is time we 
stopped laying the burden on someone else and took it upon ourselves.  
And it is far past time for us to stand up to the enemy and drive him 
back, and not just drive him back, but pursue him and take back what 
belongs to us as children of the living God.  Read your bible!  We are 
CONQUERERS through Christ!  Did we ask God into our lives to sit idly 
by on a pew somewhere?  Are we really satisfied with our own salvation 
alone?  Have we become so selfish??  Christ is our example, never 
forget this!!  Did Jesus turn a blind eye to the lost?  Wasn't the lost 
his prime objective? 

And what about the persecuted believers?  What about them?  We have
forgotten, haven't we?  We have separated ourselves from them.  But I 
promise you, this separation won't last forever, because persecution is 
coming to this nation.  And one day, life as we know it will cease to 
exist.  And we will be waking up each morning wondering if today is the 
day we will be required to make that ultimate stand.  Are you ready for 
that?  I mean, are you really?  Because the entire nation doesn't have 
to come under the persecution, for that persecution to come to your 
door.  And if you don't believe me, remember the incident at Columbine 
High School in Littleton, Colorado, April 20, 1999.  A teenage girl 
died that day because she believed in God. 

1999.  Not so long ago, was it?  Not so far away, either.  Persecution
of God's people is invading this country.  And one day it may just walk 
up to you, jam its deadly finger in your face, and inform you it is 
time for you to decide just how far you are willing to go for your God. 
 The imprisoned Christians in those countries over there have proven 
the depth of their faithfulness to their Lord.  The young Girl in 
Colorado has proven hers.  When our time comes...will our faith come 
through the fire? 

The days are coming, and coming upon us fast, when our faith will be
required of us.  This is not a game we're playing down here.  We are in 
spiritual warfare.  We are soldiers for Christ.  We are His army.  Why 
are we lounging in camp, when it is our duty to be in the battle?  And 
why are we turning a deaf ear, a blind eye, to the cries of our fellow 
soldiers suffering for the same cause that we ourselves are supposed to 
be fighting for?  GOD IS NOT PLEASED!!! 

How, I wonder, can we look ourselves in the mirror each morning and go
about our day without a thought of the blood of our sisters and 
brothers being spilled for the same Lord we ourselves claim to serve.  
God is calling us to pull our heads up out of the sand and WAKE UP!!  
Our lives are not our own, we are bought with a price!  We have work to 
do, people, and there is no time left to say it "gently"!!  God is 
calling us to commit- not get comfortable!  Hell is out there, and 
souls are succumbing to it everyday.  It is time we got off these pews 
and did something about it!!  How can the kingdom of God prevail when 
his army WON'T EVEN FIGHT!! 

Christians all over the world have answered God's call of commitment-
and paid the ultimate price for it.  How willing are you?  Don't close 
your eyes to your brothers and sisters suffering for Christ, don't turn 
away from the work that needs to be done.  It's time we woke this world 
up to our God.  Are you ready for battle? 

Are you ready to be the Christian Christ called you to be? 

"Why do you shed your blood for Christ?"  The persecutor asks. "Because
He shed his for us."  The persecuted answers. "You will die."  The 
Persecutor insists. "He died for us."  The Persecuted answers. 


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