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Business Blunder (standard:humor, 1285 words)
Author: LincolnAdded: May 11 2003Views/Reads: 1891/1099Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Mr. Reza was sure about the success of his new business but it was not easy.

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needs beef early in the morning. In total I made a loss of taka two 
thousand in my maiden service business. 

In the Eid day, my customer came to my house with his family early in
the morning. He demanded his beef immediately. But the butcher was not 
available. I was at a loss, did not know what to do. At last I had 
decided to complete the ‘Kurbani'. There was nobody to help us tie up 
the cow. I had managed a small boy from a nearby grocery shop. I 
thought that I with the help of my customer and the little boy would be 
able to hold up the cow. But the customer's wife shrieked in disgust. 
She reminded me in a nosy voice, “We shall not touch the cow, we are 
paying for the service”. Looking at our pathetic situation, the man 
from the ‘madrasa' with sword went away. I pleaded him to stay for some 
time before I could manage someone. He went away but left behind a 
student with a large knife. I could not believe that the small boy, who 
had a knife as large as him, could slaughter the cow. 

At that time a kind man extended his help. Three of us managed to tie up
the cow and dropped it on the street. Now an unexpected thing happened. 
The ‘madrasa' student started trembling with fear. He was unable to 
slaughter the cow. We became tired of holding the cow. The small boy 
from the grocery shop failed to hold the feet of the cow. The cow gave 
him a mighty back kick. The boy flew away from the street and dropped 
in the adjacent lake water. The boy started shouting for help. I stood 
up and jumped into the lake water to save the boy. I saved the boy from 
the water but it had changed my whole complexion. My body was covered 
with mud, weeds and water. My new “Punjabi” was torn apart and hanging 
from my shoulder. When I could manage to stand on the street, there was 
hue and cry everywhere. The cow was running away along the street and 
hitting people on her way. I was so surprised that I had lost my senses 
for some time and did not know what to do. 

My customer's wife again shrieked “If we do not catch the cow, we shall
handover you to the police”. Her words helped me regain my senses. I 
started running after the runaway cow. But alas! Which one was my cow? 
There were three cows running along the street! My cow had helped three 
cows to go free. Thank god, I could identify my cow with its color. 

After some time finally when I came back to my house with the cow, there
were a huge procession of children behind me. They were making fun of 
me. At the door I met the butcher. He greeted me with a loud laughter, 
and then said, “Did you have a wrestling with the cow? You should have 
waited for me. I have missed it!” 


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