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Business Blunder (standard:humor, 1285 words)
Author: LincolnAdded: May 11 2003Views/Reads: 1971/1153Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Mr. Reza was sure about the success of his new business but it was not easy.

“Eureka! Eureka! Finally I have got the perfect business idea”, Reza
Bhai exclaimed with joy. I was not excited, as this was not new to me. 
Reza Bhai tried his hand in quite a few businesses last year without 
any success. But this time he seemed very enthusiastic.  He was 
explaining, “This time I am in service business. I shall purchase some 
cows before the Holy Eid and sell those just prior to Eid day with some 
profit. Well, what do you think about my new business idea?” 

I did not know what to say. I was shocked to find that he decided to
work as a broker in cattle market. He got very upset. He said, “I am in 
service business not a broker. Let me explain. First of all tell me, 
what do you do in the Eid day?” 

“Well, in Eid-ul-azha time just flies by. Most part of the Eid day was
spent in Kurbani and subsequent activities. It was difficult to find 
some expert persons who can help in preparing beef. As a result all of 
us had to work hard to finish the work in time. There was also time 
needed to deliver the beef to different houses. So this Eid day was not 
for enjoyment.” 

Smile was back in Reza Bhai's face. He started shouting with joy. He
started explaining, “Now you will understand the importance of my 
service business. My organization will provide all the services from 
purchasing a cow, slaughtering it properly in the Eid morning to 
delivering the beef to desired addresses. Not only that I shall take 
preparations for managing the hide properly. People will love to take 
my service in managing all the hassles of Eid-ul-azha. My organization 
will render the service with a small service charge”. 

I thought it was a reasonable idea. All of our friends were happy to
think that this business idea just might work. But the bad news came 
sharply. My family had decided to celebrate the Eid in our 
grandparent's house. So, I had to leave Dhaka. I felt sorry 
particularly for not be able to witness the success of Reza Bhai in his 
service business. 

After returning back to Dhaka city I spared no time in meeting Reza
Bhai. He was visibly happy to greet me. When I asked promptly about his 
business, his face turned pale. He was not ready to say anything about 
it. But I was so eager to know that at last he had decided to tell me 
the story. 

Reza Bhai started.. 

First of all I had circulated some questionnaire to know about the
demand of my customers in surrounding area regarding the price, weight, 
size, color of the cow to be sacrificed in the Eid.  I had also 
circulated a leaflet contain all the detailed description about the 
importance and necessity of my services and how they can be helpful for 
them. Many people contacted me over telephone and gave me the idea that 
they were ready to accept my services. They gave my some idea about 
their budget for the animal to be sacrificed in the Eid day. 

Feeling very satisfied, I had become proactive. I had bought four cows
for the purpose. I had contacted the butcher and invested some money in 
preparing slaughterhouse. I even went to ‘Tanarimore' to contact some 
hide buyers. 

But as the Eid came closer the customers started retreating. I had left
with only two customers before the Eid day. So I had no choice left but 
to sell two of my cows. I had to incur a loss of taka one thousand. But 
I was determined to start my business at any cost. So I hanged on. 

Just before the Eid evening one of my customers told me that his brother
had bought a cow, so he was not interested anymore in receiving my 
services. I had to sell another cow in a hurry. In doing so I had to 
incur a loss of another five hundred taka. 

It was not the end of the story. When the butcher was informed that he
had to work for one cow only, he demanded taka one thousand for his 
service. He also said that it would not be possible for him to come to 
my house before 10 am. Though it was decided before that I shall have 
to pay five hundred taka for every cow and there will be at least three 
cows. But my lone customer declined to give me more than taka five 
hundred as my service charge. My customer also reminded me that he 

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