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Tough Lesson (standard:humor, 965 words)
Author: LincolnAdded: May 19 2003Views/Reads: 1875/1149Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My uncle learned the lesson at last.

We were returning back from Comilla by a bus. Reza bhai took me there to
observe the ruins of Mainamoti Buddha Bihar. We spent the whole day 
watching the Bihar and the adjacent museum. Just before starting for 
Dhaka, we also paid a visit to the famous cemetery for the heroes of 
Second World War. 

Reza bhai was very pleased to describe me the old glories of the
Buddhist center, which was a famous place for education. He said that 
many scholars of our country went to different parts of the world to 
spread their knowledge. But alas! The standard of education had 
decreased so much. Then he asked me, 

“Do you have any idea how much it costs to admit a little child in any
famous English medium school in Dhaka?” 

I had no idea. But just wanted to take a chance, “Two thousand?” 

“Twenty to thirty thousand taka! Just imagine” 

“Only those who suffered knew the agony of the situation. Let me tell
you the experience of my uncle. Then you will understand.” Reza bhai 

Reza bhai continued... 

“My uncle was working in a multi national company. Most of all his
colleagues had children studying in English medium schools. From his 
experience, he concluded that the future of his son would be brighter 
if he could get the opportunity to study in an English medium school. 
So, he became proactive. 

There were different rules in English medium schools. A child had to be
admitted in a school just at the age of four. Some schools had 
provision that both the parents must obtain masters degree to become 
eligible to collect admission form. In this case my uncle faced severe 
problem, as my aunt only had a B.A degree. So my uncle had no choice 
but to admit her to a M.A class. After all, he wanted to avert a 
similar situation at the time when his son would go for admission to a 
college in future. 

My uncle started to search for the best opportunity. But the job was not
very easy. 

Harvard International Islamic School, refused to accept his son in the
school, as he had no beard! Up-Down International School refused to 
sale an admission form to him when they came to know that he lived in 
Modhubagh!! Jupiter Garden School refused to accept a guardian whose 
monthly income was less than 50,000 taka!!! 

My uncle was demoralized but did not stop fighting for the welfare of
his little son. He went form school to school in search of an admission 

Finally he found it! The Lower Middle Class English Medium School, told
him that they can admit his son if they pass the admission test. The 
admission charge would be taka 20,000 only and an additional charge of 
taka 10,000 had to be donated to the development fund. The monthly 
tuition fee would be mere taka 2,200. 

There was nothing in this world that could stop my uncle from taking
this opportunity. He sold land in the village to collect the money. He 
got admitted his son to three different pre school admission-coaching 
centers. The preparation did not stop here. My aunt and uncle took 
personal slots to teach the minor child. There was a 16-hour long 
teaching schedule. 

Just think about the poor child of four! He was getting thinner. Even
some of his hair turned gray! But nobody had the time to notice. Every 
body was shouting, read, read! 

Finally the judgment day came. My uncle with his son went to the school.
Everybody else was performing an especial starvation for that day. 
Special prayers and milad were offered at the local mosque. 

The principal of the school asked the little boy to sit in a chair right

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