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FOOTSTEPS IN THE SAND (standard:other, 696 words)
Author: naborAdded: Nov 25 2000Views/Reads: 2813/4Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Christian Inspirational story of how life can seem to overwhelming sometimes, and how God can make a difference.

One day I wandered down to the ocean to try and find peace in my life.
my life was completly amiss and there didn't seem like there was any 
hope for me. 

I was depressed, lonely, and I thought i was all alone. I had no place
to turn, and there was nothing left for me to do. I looked out on the 
ocean, and all i saw there were big billowing waves, crashing to the 
shore. I looked towards the sky, and what did i see? I saw dark clouds 
covering the sky, threatening gloom and despair. 

I felt the sand beneath my feet, burning my feet, and causing more
misery. There was no where to turn. I was lost and so alone. 

My Mother had died when i was very young. I had a bad marriage with
abuse and neglect. The only thing good that came out of this marriage 
was my little girl. But, at the age of 5 she was taken from me by a 
cruel car accident. There was nothing left of me anymore. 

I tossed around for years trying to find something that mattered,
something that would make me feel like there was some hope. I searched 
and searched, but nothing was to be found. This is why I have come to 
the ocean today. To end it all! 

I stared down at the sand again, and all of a sudden there were
footprints in the sand,that were not there before. I was curious so i 
started following the footsteps. I had nothing better to do. I walked, 
for what seemed like miles, and was just beginning to give up again, 
when in the distance i saw a Mother sitting with her little girl. 

As I neared them, the little girl ran up to me, and grabbed me by the
leg. I stared dwon at her and thought of my little girl, whom i had 
lost many years ago. I pushed her away and said "go back to your 
Mother, ther is nothing for you here". The little girl smiles up at me 
and said "Hi, my name is Jenny". I could feel the rears welling up 
inside of me. I told her to go back to her Mommie. I told her iI had 
something to do, and had to get on with it. I had no reason to live 

The little girl did not leave. She just stood there looking at me.
Finally she said "why are you crying"? I told her, You wouldn't 
understand child, if iI told you. The pain inside me was getting so bad 
i couldn't take it any longer. I pushed the child towards her Mother 
and started to walk away. As the child walked away, she turned back 
towards me and said "Jesus loves You, and so do I". 

The Mother started walking towards me and said "I feel you need Jesus in
your life". I fell to my knees and started weeping out loud. The Mother 
and child prayed with me, right there in the sand. My life has changed 
that day at the ocean was the turning point. 

I know now that the footsteps in the sand were Jesus footsteps leading
me to Him. If Jesus had not guided my footsteps to this child and her 
Mother that day, I would have wlaked into the ocean and never looked 

My life has changed, and I am fulfilled with the love of Jesus now.
There is hope where there once was no hope. There is peace where there 
once was no peace. There is love, where i once felt no love. There is 
contentment where there once was only turmoil in my life. 

Don't ever feel there is no help for what hurts or tries to destroy you.
There is always help with Jesus on your side. Let this story help you 
realize there is nothing so bad , in your life, that Jesus can't make 
better. When things get to rough for you to handle on your own, don't 
go to the ocean, go to Jesus. The ocean can take your life, but, Jesus 
can give you eternal life.


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