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Nightmare on Jefferson High School Street (standard:humor, 607 words)
Author: nerdgirlAdded: Nov 27 2000Views/Reads: 2661/7Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My fond memories of high school

I am at my locker door getting my books when the 4th period bell rings. 
It seems to echo for eternity through the asbestos filled halls of 
Jefferson High School.  I quickly take off to get to my algebra class 
as I run into a statue in the middle of the hall.  Actually, it was 
Jeff, or better known as "Jeffmeister" the football quarterback.  I am 
staring eye level at his shirt and it reads B.U.M. equipment.  Then I 
made the mistake of looking down.  Zigzagged patterns of orange and 
green pierce my retina.  Why did it have to be zubas day today? I take 
off even faster as my eyes are watering from the burning sensation that 
starts to hit from looking at Jeffmeister's zubas.  I slow down as the 
pain settles and come around the corner to the girl's locker room.  I 
see a misty cloud of fog coming out from underneath the door.  I am 
thinking they must have actually sweated in gym class today because no 
one ever takes showers.  The door opens and I am engulfed in a cloud of 
aerosol chemicals.  I throw my self down to the floor gasping for air.  
The smell hits me, it is a familiar sent that I recognize from sitting 
by Heather in algebra.  I look up and see five girls hovering over me 
asking me if I was ok.  By now I was high from the Aqua Net fumes and 
the girls hovering over me made it even worse. 

"Must....get...air", I whisper as I crawl away towards the exit door. 

Heather catches up to me after I have finally caught my breath.  "Are
you ok", Heather asks with concern.  I see her pointy, hairspray 
crusted bangs that are defying gravity 4 inches tall. 

"NO, get away!" I scream in terror.  She comes in closer and her bangs
are now approaching my face. 

"Are you ok?" she asks again.  At that point, her bangs pierce my right
eyeball and I run away squealing like a baby pig.  My poor eyes cannot 
take any more abuse, is the whole school out to get me? I wonder.  I 
sit down in my seat in algebra and start to relax.  Mr. Sprickle starts 
to go over yesterdays lesson when I hear a "ping" sound.  I think 
nothing of it until I hear a couple more "pings".  I look around and 
see five classmates bent over re-pinning the ankle of their jeans 
together.  I also see the rest of my other classmates passed out in 
their seats.  When I approach them, I see what is wrong.  Their jeans 
had been pinned so tight they passed out from their circulation being 
cut-off.  Right before I go to release the pins they give away.  I 
suddenly hear dozens of "ping" sounds like I heard earlier.  Pins are 
flying through the air at incredible speeds.  Mr. Sprickle heads out 
the door to save himself and leaves me behind.  The pins hurl towards 
my face and at the moment it starts to pierce my eye I find my cat 
sharpening his claws on my eyelids.  I wake up somewhat relieved but 
also in fury that my cat chose my eyelids over his catnip filled 
scratching post that I bought for him yesterday at Wal-Mart. 

"Meow" he says as he purrs in heavenly delight.  He is so cute that I
have to forgive him as I pat his little, furry, whiskered head.  I get 
out of bed and go to the bathroom to get some band-aids for my eyelids. 
I sigh in relief thinking how glad I am that it was just a nightmare. 


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