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Meaningless (standard:humor, 1407 words)
Author: LincolnAdded: Jun 24 2003Views/Reads: 1886/1077Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It was completely meaningless. If you could understand anything, please let me know.

I was sitting on the flood protection dam. Green paddy fields were all
around me. The sky was cloudy. Pleasing wind was blowing across the 
river. The atmosphere was so charming that I wanted to take a nap. 

“How are you sir? When did you come from Dhaka?” a black goat asked me
while coming towards me. A bell was hanging from its neck and a little 
kid was following it closely. 

“I am fine. I have come from Dhaka at noon”, I replied promptly. I was
very surprised. I could not remember if we met before. The goat was 
giving a mysterious smile and was looking at me with half shut eyes. 
The kid was seemingly very shy. It followed the older goat very 

Then the goat asked the kid, “Say hello to him”. 

“Hello”, said the kid. 

The goat very enthusiastically continued, “This kid is very intelligent.
It can spell out all the organs of the body. I intend to admit him in a 
cadet college in future. Then it asked the kid, “What is the spelling 
of head?” 

“H-e-a-d”, replied the kid shyly. 

“What is the spelling of nose?” 


The happy goat asked me, “Please ask him any spelling about any organ of
the body”. 

Finding no other way, I asked, “Can you pronounce t-a-i-l?” 

The kid was speechless. The goat got very angry. It started shouting at
the kid. “Tell him what is the pronunciation of t-a-i-l”. 

I really felt sorry for the kid. Perhaps I should have asked him, “What
is the spelling of tail?” 

Anyway, I was vexed. I wanted to get away from the situation. Then
suddenly, a man with blue suit came running to me out of nowhere. He 
stopped by me. The man was young with back brush hair and a mustache. 
He also had a pair of black sunglasses. 

He picked a cigarette from his pocket and said, “Smoking is injurious to
health”. Then he lit up his cigarette. Then he shouted, “But 
misappropriation of wheat by school teachers are very injurious to our 

“Who, who said that we misappropriate wheat?” asking these a fox just
came out from a hole under the ground. The fox had an umbrella held 
over his head; pair of glasses over his nose and books in his arms, 
just like the famous Pundits from a famous book. The young man run away 
looking at the fox. 

I was very surprised. I asked him, “Are you the famous pundit from the
folk stories?” 

“We used to be pundits in the past, but we are know school teachers. We
enjoy salaries, grants, scholarships and wheat for students, as well as 
funds from others sources. We are now enjoying a better life. I have 
made two new rooms with tins made with extra portion of zinc this year. 
We are no pundits, we are school teachers”, said the fox in a single 

Then he continued, “Do not listen to that slanderer. He is an illiterate
person. We do not misappropriate. We do a perfect scam. It takes a lot 
of intelligence and high level of connections to pull this out. It is 
not misappropriation, it is a classic art.” Saying this, the fox 
disappeared into his hole again. 

Suddenly there was hue and cry. A small procession was coming from some
distance. A tiger was leading the pack. Some monkeys were right behind 
him. A vulture was using a loud speaker and standing over a rickshaw 

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