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Emerald Dance of Life (standard:drama, 699 words)
Author: missiemouseAdded: Jun 26 2003Views/Reads: 1874/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Renee Jewel Murphy is a 17 year old girl, who belongs to a very wealthy irish family. However, having everything that you desire doesn't always make life worth living. Find out about Renee's dreadful past and where the future will lead her. * this is onl

Chapter 1 

As the sun illuminated down on Renee Jewel, she pulled herself out of a
wonderful dream, deciding to get ready for school before Grandmother 
dearest yelled. Renee was...well, she was perfect. She was what the 
slackers in high school called a nerd or a bookworm, always studying 
and constantly reading. As she slowly stumbled over to her closet, she 
pulled out the normal, everyday outfit. If one were to go through her 
wardrobe, they would simply feel sorry for the poor girl. The outfits 
all were practically the same, except that they varied in color. The 
only color that you didn't see much of was black, only because of her 
grandmother's outdated and old-fashioned ideas. It was her belief that 
the color black was inappropriate for a 17-year-old young lady to be 
wearing. The only object in her room that belonged to this 
"inappropriate" category was her dress shoes that she is forced to wear 
to school. Along with those black shoes, she has to wear a plaid skirt 
with a matching sweater. 

By now, you are probably feeling bad for Renee but you see, her mother,
Elizabeth Murphy was the founder of the Elizabeth Ballet Academy. She 
loved the ballet, the feeling that she felt as she glided through the 
air. Anyone that knew her, knew that she made ballet an art all on her 
own. Her father, William Murphy was the conductor of a very well-known 
orchestra who was always in high demand. Her parents met when her 
father's orchestra was playing for one of her performances, and it was 
love at first sight. After five years of pure romantic bliss, they 
finally tied the knot in a kind of wedding that every young girl dreams 
of. It was an intimate and romantic fairy tale...perfect for the young 
and very in love couple. Everyone knew that they would be happy 
together, as well as one of the most successful couples at the time. A 
year later, Elizabeth gave birth to a beautiful, full-blooded Irish 
baby girl, with Emerald green eyes that were so vivid and striking, and 
she had the softest red hair they had ever seen, so they named her 
Renee Jewel. The new parents couldn't be any prouder of their bundle of 
joy. It really did seem that to all the Murphy's friends that they 
truly did live a fairy tale. As the years went by, Renee got everything 
her little heart desired, the younger girls down the street envied her. 
As Renee stood in front of her mirror she had a flashback, there, in 
front of her eyes she saw a girl, with red hair flowing down her back, 
she was wearing ballet slippers. Renee knew that memory all to well, 
that little girl was her at the age of six when she had just received 
her first ballet slippers for her birthday.  She had remembered that 
the box had been wrapped in a bright purple bow, she remembered the 
sound as she tore open the small package. She can never forget the 
excitement that had fulfilled her, her heart pounding. Then as she had 
just opened the box, she couldn't believe her eyes. Her gift had been 
ballet slippers, they were so beautiful made of pure satin, that she 
couldn't stop running her tiny fingers over the long pink ribbons. She 
glanced upon her mother, and gave her a huge smile, then ran to give 
her a hug. For her mother knew well the look in her daughters eyes and 
the comfort she felt as she had given her a music box with a ballerina 
that gently twirled in a circle to a lullaby.  Renee ran into her room 
and played the same music as she tried to dance in her new slippers. 
Her mother walked in to see her twirl and fall on her butt, her green 
eyes looked up at her with laughter. That was the moment when she knew 
that she would follow in her footsteps, she had the same joy in her 
heart, that she had when she was a little girl. Little did Renee know, 
that her days of dancing and laughter would come to end.


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