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Heartbreak Over a French Vanilla Cappuccino (standard:romance, 4752 words)
Author: AubreyAdded: Jun 26 2003Views/Reads: 2042/1282Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The people you meet aren't always what they seem. One lonely woman, who thought she closed her heart forever to love, found herself doing and saying things she never thought she would. Through the tangled web of love, lies, and deceit, she conquered her g

Heartbreak Over a French Vanilla Cappuccino By: Aubrey 

I used to believe that love was a waste of time that only ended in
heartbreak for everyone least that's how it had always 
happened for me. Even the scenes that I had witnessed while growing up 
consisted of a woman doing everything for her man, only to be 
devastated when he hurt her in every possible way. Except with my 
parents, my mom was the one that cheated on my dad. Heartbreak doesn't 
choose genders. During their divorce, I swore that I would never have 
my life turn out like theirs, and that I would never be dependent on 
anyone but myself, let alone a man. Love ‘em and leave ‘em had been my 
motto for a good portion of my life. It was working great until someone 
made me realize that love is an element that nature won't let you run 
from. It won't let you hide, and it sure as hell will always catch up 
with you. When it caught up with me it was amazing and I wondered for a 
few brief seconds, what was I running from? Then, I found out.... 


"How many times do I have to tell you people that these paintings are
going to California and not to Chicago?!" I screamed at all the workers 
in the warehouse, waving my arms around in the air like a crazed 
lunatic from the Psych Ward. I realized this small detail, and decided 
to make my exit before I REALLY lost it! It wasn't as if this is a new 
thing for these people! All you had to do was get the paintings from 
L.A. to the museum in New York...simple right?! Obviously, not for 
these people 

I went into my small office and slammed the door behind me. I looked at
my desk, and saw the huge stacks of papers that needed to be filled out 
in order for the shipment to even be made. If my workers had wanted to 
yell at someone, it should have been me. 

"Better get to it then..." I sank down into my chair sighing, knowing I
would not get out of this dreadful office until late tonight. Pulling 
my long brown hair into a mess on the top of my head, I picked up a pen 
and began filling out the forms that should have been in almost a week 
ago. My stepmother, Jeannine always yells at me for 
procrastinating...maybe I really should have taken her advice this 
time. These papers really weren't that bad, except that they ask the 
most asinine questions like What is your personal opinion of this 
artist? or Why, in your view does this composition, out of the whole 
competition deserve to be put in a museum? Why would you even waste the 
ink to print these? Like any normal person would...I wrote the same 
thing for just about every question. 

"Bye Kam!" I looked up to see the familiar face of Paris. With her long,
curly red hair, her sparkling blue eyes, plus her cheerful smile, it 
was hard not to love her. 

"Bye Paris." I mumbled, barely even looking up. 

"Pulling an all nighter?" 

"Yeah...doesn't it sound fun?" 

"It will be later...well, I'll leave you and those insanely large piles
of papers alone while I am out with my amazing fiancee!" 

"Now that you've just succeeded in making me feel like a complete and
utter loser, is there anything else that you'd like to say?" For the 
first time, I looked up, glared at her, but couldn't help but crack a 

"Only...make sure you eat something!" 

"Yes mother dearest, is that it?" 

"Yeah! Love you!" With that, she slammed the door, and the distinct
tapping of her heels on the floor signaled that she was running. That 
girl couldn't be on time if her life depended on it! 

It was only 10:30, and I was already in a half conscious zombie state of
mind. It was endless writing, and it was so quiet that when I heard the 
tiniest sound, it made me jump out of my seat. Naturally when I heard 

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