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Child's Plaything (standard:horror, 3030 words)
Author: Rene AmadorAdded: Jul 07 2003Views/Reads: 2116/1200Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It was very pretty, but I didn't like how it looked at me. So cold...

I didn't even want the dolly.  Mommy bought it for me a while ago when
we went to the store.  She said that we needed bread on the table so 
that's why we can't watch t.v. anymore.  I don't know why we only had 
to have bread.  Mommy can cook really well.  Last night she made 
chicken and we haven't eaten chicken in a long time. 

When we went to the store with the t.v., it wasn't like the regular
stores.  In those stores there are bright lights and nice ladies at the 
door asking us to have a nice day while we shopped.  I liked going to 
those stores.  It was a lot better than home.  They were happy when I 
walked inside through the door.  At home, there was no one there when I 
came home.  I was all by myself until nighttime.  Mommy came home from 
work and she was always tired.  She didn't want to play.  She only 
wanted to watch t.v. and drink that stuff that looked like apple juice 
but it wasn't apple juice. 

The store had a funny smell.  It made me remember when I tried to cook a
hot dog on the stove.  I burned it and it was all black.  Then I 
smelled it and I had to throw it out in the garbage.  That's what it 
smelled like in the store.  There were all of these old things in the 
store.  Nothing was new.  I was scared.  There was no nice lady to say 
hello but there was an old man standing at the table.  He was really 
old.  His beard came all the way down to his tummy and it was all 

Then the old man smelled like the store.  Maybe the store smelled like
the old man and he lived there forever.  I don't know.  Mommy gave him 
our t.v. and then he gave Mommy some money for it.  Then the old man 
talked to me. 

”Hello little girl, what's your name?” 

“Stacey.  What's your name?” 

“Well, that doesn't matter now, does it?  Do you want to see something
pretty, little one?” 

“I don't know.  Mommy, can I see it?” 

“Well, just for a minute, then we have to go buy food at the store. 
Don't break anything or else we have to pay for it.” 

The old man took out a box from the floor.  The box looked like it had a
big toy truck inside.  I don't like trucks.  Then he opened the box 
like a book and inside the box was a pretty doll.  She had yellow hair 
like a movie star and her dress was red like fire.  She looked like she 
was going to a big party with all of her friends and they were going to 
have fun all night.  I wanted to go to the party, too. 

Then the old man closed the box and put it back on the floor.  Mommy
then asked, “How much is that doll?” 

“Not much at all.  If you'd like to purchase it, it's only ten dollars.”

“Well, how about it, Stacey.  Do you want the doll?” 

“Okay.”  The old man took off her red dress and put a yellow one on her.
 He put the doll in a red paper bag with holders.  I held the bag all 
the way home.  I don't know.  The bag wasn't heavy but my hands and my 
arms really hurt when we got home.  We brought the food in the house 
and put it all away.  I put the doll in my room, but Mommy said it 
would look better in the living room.  She put it on the shelf.  It was 
close where the t.v. used to be. 

Then on Friday, I went to school.  I like school because it's not home. 
There I can play and talk with my friends and my teacher is there, Ms. 
Lenmark.  I think she's nicer than my Mommy but she's my teacher.  Her 
class is really fun.  We read stories and paint pictures and cut out 
snowflakes when it's winter.  I don't like to go to school on Friday 
because I don't get to go to school again until it's Monday. 

I went home and put my key in the door.  I only have to use one key to
open the door.  I opened the door and I walked to the kitchen.  I was 
hungry and I made a bowl of cereal.  I like corn flakes.  I like to eat 

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