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Met someone New (standard:romance, 1409 words)
Author: Tina MarieAdded: Jul 24 2003Views/Reads: 2173/1454Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Lady was bored and ventured on the internet to fill up some of her time. When some man sent her a message and they began to talk. He requests to take her for a date via internet. And so they did.

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few days before. She couldn't wait for that date. What was she going to 
do until he came on. She decided to go play bingo until he came. 
Something to take her mind off things. Then, a knock came on her 

It was him. She smiled. Waiting for him to send her a message. And then
it happened. He sent the message starting with hi. First, they talked 
about the weather and their day so far. Then he asked her if she was 
ready for their date. She smiled and said sure. 

He said lets begin with imagining that they are both dressed formally.
And he would come and pick her up. (And the date as follows) writing 
one line at a time. 


I knock on the door , he said. 

You answer it, and I look at you and say, "you are very beautiful,

She couldn't help but write "thank you" 

He said: I hand you a rose and offer to take your hand. 

We walk to the car and I open the door for you to enter. 

We drive to the dance hall. 

We walk back to the ball room and find a table. 

We both order a soda pop. And talk for just a moment. 

I ask you to dance and take your hand. 

She wrote: I accept and take your hand. I follow you to the floor. 

He continues: we begin dancing slowly, and listening to the music. 

I blow on your neck lightly. 

She liked the way he wrote this. She could imagine this happening and
being right there. She wrote: I like the feel of feeling you close and 

He continued: I pull you just a bit closer and we move to the music. 

Your dress has an opening in the back and I move my hands to feel your

She thinks about the feeling of dancing with him and seeing him smile as
the danced. 

He writes again: you close your eyes for a moment as I kiss your

We continue moving with the music and you lift one leg and rub it
against mine. 

I lean you back and sway you around slightly. 

Just to see your hair move with the movement. 

The music stops and we return to the table. 

We finish our drinks and decided to leave. 

I drive you back home and sit and talk as to when we will talk again. 

She writes in: I had a lovely time. You dance so graceful. 

He write back: thank you. I had a great partner. I come around and open
your door and walk you to the house. 

I kiss your hand and offer to call you again. 


Wow! She was impressed with the date, she wasn't sure as to what to say
next. Except: "That was wonderful. I could really feel you next to me 
and feel our movement." They talked awhile about the date. And then 
talked more about their next chat. It was time for the both of them to 
say goodbye today, but will get back together again soon. She would 
wait anxiously for his return. 

They started saying their goodbyes. But neither was actually getting
ready to leave the computer. Like a couple of teenagers who just fell 
in love. Neither could just say goodnight and leave the message box. 
They finally ended and agreed to talk again soon. 

She felt revelry. And couldn't wait for their next chat. Or the next
"date". Where will he take her next time. She could only imagine and 
wait. Wait patiently at the computer for that knock when he comes on 
the internet. What a trill to be able to talk with him. This date and 
the talk had made her feel extremely good. It made her day so special. 
She thought about it for hours. And wondered what was in store next. 



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